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(Virtual) Moving Day

 All right, this is half a test post, and half an administrative update. I guess that second half only applies if the test is successful.

Regardless, here it is. If this posts successfully, it should show up on both my brand new spiffy Dreamwidth blog and my old and busted LiveJournal blog. Consider my LJ blog now closed and defunct. My new journaling digs are at All my old journal entries should be moved over to DW at this point, which means that they'll start disappearing from LJ. All except this explanatory post, I guess. And then I guess future posts will all appear on Dreamwidth instead of LiveJournal.

I guess that's it? Except bear with me while I figure out new blog themes and widgets and so forth, but it's not like there was ever anything super-fancy going on here. If you're reading this on LJ and could be convinced to switch over to Dreamwidth, I recommend you do so and then give me a ping. I haven't gone figuring out the friend/follow system, but that'll come with time. Okay, that's it. Weird midday post, but there ya go. :)
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