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So here we are. I haven't journaled in like a week and a half. This week feels like it's been incredibly busy, but I think it was mostly just Passover and some extra socializing. And weirdness with Gb's school schedule threw me off my routine, too. I don't even know what kind of recap I can even get together, but let's see what we can do.

So...first night of Passover was this past Monday, so of course there's Tb's big seder to-do. I know a fair amount of last weekend was devoted to prep for that (shopping and so forth), but she had off work Monday and Tuesday, as well. I think Gb had school on Monday but not on Tuesday? Something like that. Anyway, so...seder on Monday, with all that attached rigmarole. It was just me, Tb, Gb, and grandma and D. And a shitload of work. Mostly Tb doing the work. Tuesday we (the three of us) had a night 2 "friend seder" with Scott and Sam, Jacob and his dad, Rigel, Paulina, John, and the little one...was that it? I think that was it. P, J, and co. had to bust out early. I had to drag our party away because I was collapsing.

I can't remember what went down on Wednesday, but I don't think it was anything...bizarre? Thursday I headed a bit out into Jersey to have dinner with Dad, who's in town with G for a few days. Met up with the two of them plus Carmen and the sprout. Originally, Tb and Gb were going to join, but there were teacher conferences at school, so no-go. We're going to try that again Monday (tomorrow). We went to a random Filipino restaurant I found in the borderlands, and it turned out to be pretty good! We were almost the only people there, and the owner lady was excited to chat. She upsold me on a bunch of bibinka to take home, which actually turned out to be a great idea because (a) they're Passover-safe and (b) Tb ended up enjoying them. :)

I know that after that, so basically from Friday until now, I've been mostly a lump. Took care of a few necessary administrative things, and I've been keeping up with the domestic chores, but other than that, I've been doing a bunch of sitting around. Yesterday and Friday in particular I dedicated to a lot of online and podcast catchup. And I guess today, too, now that I think about it. Today was weird because Tb and I were running on like an offset schedule, but still...feel like I got stuff done.

Anyway. So it was a busy week, and there's a lot of lost time in there. Part of journalling was supposed to be so I could keep an eye on that stuff and not let it happen so much. Eh.

There's a lot of scuttlebutt about this new LJ situation. Sounds like some bad business and bad leadership, and people are jetting, so I may close this blog up, too. That means setting up shop elsewhere or just rebooting this whole situation. I dunno...I'll have to chew on it a bit, I think. I'm not sure I get what I should be getting out of journaling because I do it publicly, so I can't really let loose or anything or reveal too much. I mean, not sure I ever would, really, even without the public part, so...maybe this is as good as it gets? In any case, I always figured that if I had to close up shop at LJ, I'd pick up again on my own site, but I'm not so sure how I feel about that anymore. I dunno. Like I said...I gotta chew on it.

Mundane stuff... Got a few Kickstarter deliveries. Flagship of the fleet has got to be Unknown Armies. Can't wait to dig into that one; loved the original, so we'll see what this version brings. I know I'm already excited about the campaign prep relationship mapping stuff I got to try out at whatever Metatopia that was. Also got my print copies of Cabal and Eden. Cabal I'm pretty interested in checking out. It might tickle that spot that I used to feel about Conspiracy X for the group building stuff, but we'll see. Eden may not be that high on the reading list for a while. I mean, I was excited about it because it's from that whole Hobbs situation, but I'm not sure who I could really try it out with unless I can put together that fabled storygame-type group. I (finally) finished Star Wars: Aftermath, which I've been reading for I don't even know how long now. First book of the new canon. I don't think there's any way I can keep up, frankly. Like...I haven't even seen Rogue One yet. I don't even have a job, and I still don't seem to have any free time. I think I'm gonna need to start scheduling shit or something. Oh, in that same vein, though, I think probably for the next two weeks or so I'm going to be diving pretty deep in Project Dante, so I may or may not be keeping up with journaling for a little bit. Not like I've been doing so great lately anyway. We'll see. Both Passover and Easter should be done with after tomorrow, so that bodes well. Hopefully things will be getting a little bit back to normal. I'll still be running Gb's commute for a little bit, though; the school buses are still on vacation, so he's gotta be chauffeured around still. Luckily, he's off tomorrow.

Weather's getting warm again. Blah. Too soon. So, yeah. Normal-ish day tomorrow, maybe lighter in the morning, but the evening will be another family gathering so...yeah. Then a kinda more normal Tuesday, like with Gb in school and therapy and stuff, but then Gb has an appointment I've got to see to in the afternoon. Heh. Maybe a little more busy in the next couple days than I originally thought, then. :) We'll see.
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