Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Another quick one

Going mobile just for a quick non-entry. I tore down my computer last night in anticipation of a location change today, but that got weathered out. Was to lazy to set the computer back up today, so I guess I never made it online. Big chore day today. Mostly laundry. Therapy was a kind of deep dive, so I was kinda thrown off today anyway. Got some podcasts in. Laundry is good for that.

Oh, and I learned late last week that Netflix added The Real Ghostbustersso I got my first taste of that rewatch today. And it tasted sweet. ;) Started The Legend of Korrawith the family tonight. Pretty badass so far.

Guess that's it. Early day tomorrow, so should hit the hay soon. Also I hate typing on my phone. ;)

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