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Schedule got a little bit perturbed today, so I didn't get a chance to rework my bogging time like I originally intended to. On the upside, though, I was pretty productive on the domestic front. Today was kind of a first step to grocery shopping for the household instead of just for me. Well, was mostly for me. :) But it's all for the communal pool,'s all good. In fact, we had some of the veggies I got with dinner tonight. :) Oh, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Mostly what today marks is the start of a new diet kinda thing. It's really more of a schedule; I'm trying out that smaller-portions-more-often thing. But the guidebook outlines a pretty strict schedule and menu, and my whole life is going to basically become vegetables, so...we'll see how that goes. For a Day One, today actually wasn't too bad. It was nice to not feel like I was stuck in the stuffed/ravenous cycle. On the other hand, I was basically kind of a low-grade hungry the entire day. That's probably not such a bad thing, though. As long as I can keep my metabolism up, it should be good for me. Anyway. The idea at this point is just to form some new habits. I doubts I'll be following the strict regimen -- the shit is ridiculous, and also, at times, suspect. But it's good to be paying attention to when and how much I'm eating, which is something I've certainly been paying no attention to.

I feel like there's other stuff, but I can't really get into it, I don't think. I'm going to leave myself a note of the initials ZS. And anybody who dives deep into RPG design stuff knows what I'm talking about (let me pair that with the initials WW). People who know also know why I'm not going to make it explicit. ;) In vague terms, I found myself torn between trying to stay out of drama vs. trying to spread the good word of what I know to be true. Usually this is a no-brainer; I try to avoid drama if at all possible. But...I dunno. I found myself speaking up. I'm still kind of second-guessing. What makes my opinion so important? People thinking their opinion is so important is what leads to so much goddamn nonsense every day. And yet. Should I not take a stand for the right if I have the opportunity? I dunno. It's a little too close to "gossip" for me, which is never something I'm comfortable with. I tell myself that the cause of exposing assholery should outweigh my unease with gossip and drama. And this is beyond assholery. It's dangerous. But still, it worries at me. Maybe something good for therapy tomorrow. *shrug* It's tough. There is a line between being a jerk and being an actual danger. I'm sure of it. But I guess it feels like it's hard to see it. And if I can see it but someone else can't, convincing them of it is often a fool's errand, right? Anyway. It's not important. I said my piece, and my position remains. Whether this affected anyone else or not, I don't even know. And if there was no effect, there should be nothing to worry over, right? Eh. That's that whole consequentialism/deontology thing, right? And I don't have the brain for that tonight.

So, yeah. Oh! Forgot the whole schedule thing. So firstly, I'm adjusting to this new eating schedule, which is weird enough. But then Tb ended up with a surprise half-day today, so she came back to work on homework, and I did that whole grocery-shopping adventure. I guess that's not that great of a story, huh. ;) The result is not a lot of online time today, and I guess I got house stuff done, but not a lot outside of that. So it goes.
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