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Weekend (and week end) wrap-up

Have I really not journaled since Wednesday?! This is exactly the kind of thing I wanted to avoid by doing daily entries, because now I can't really remember what's been going on since then. Wednesday's entry was more kind of an experiment, anyway, too. I figured if all my entries are going to be the same (domestic life, chores, online catchup, podcasts), then maybe I'd do a little more on thought experiments or whatever instead of just making the same blog entry over and over. I'd like to do more...other writing. I was going to say "interesting," but let's not get away from ourselves, here. ;) Anyway. Let's see what I can piece together.

I honestly can't remember anything about Thursday, which probably means it was a normal day. Friday was basically my first night alone pursuant to Project Dante, but the rest of the day was pretty straightforward, I think. This weekend I mostly just chilled, I guess. Online catchup (heh) and podcasts (heh). I did get a chance to watch Dragon Blade, though, since I promised Tb I wouldn't make her watch it. Oh, was ridiculous and good. :) It clearly had that Hong Kong melodrama. It oozed it. I'm sure it would have driven Tb crazy. ;) But since I had just come off of Infernal Affairs a few days ago (or last week...or something...), I was all right with it. :) Anyway, I owe Dorian big-time for putting that on my radar. Good times. ;)

I'm watching Orphan Black with Tb these days. We're still on season 1, but it's getting really good! I'm into it. It seems to spark a lot of setting/game ideas for me, so that's never a bad thing. Plus it's, you know, just a good show.

Okay, I gotta cut this short, I think. We're considering a diet and it's making me depressed. ;) Domestic life continues.
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