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Cheat day

I think mostly my accomplishments today center around grooming, which is, you know, a rare enough thing for this guy. Might have been a little overzealous with the trimming of the facial hair, but I couldn't be bothered with nuance today. Most of the rest of the time was just chillin'. Hung out online, watched some TV, basically made a nothing day of it. Overall pretty chill weekend, I guess. Good times.

I spent more than the usual amount of time really paying attention to reading stuff, thinking about it, and some writing. Not, like, real writing, just more the getting thoughts out stuff. Part of it was a G+ thread on White privilege, which...well, I guess it didn't take long to take a dumb turn. Not my thread, either...I just wandered off my path a little and contributed a (solicited) opinion. The other was this pretty in-depth article about game design in a larger social context. I found it really interesting. I'm still kind of digesting, but I posted a little about it. (Cross-posted FB/G+, which is also a weird move for me, but I felt like there were people in each audience that would be interested.) Article here for reference. Maybe I'll try and get back to that sometime if I think about it. Like that ever happens any time I say it. :)

Guess I didn't have a lot to say here today. Kinda tapped out. Is that how that works? Do I only have a certain amount of writing energy? Hmm.
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