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Not much from today, basically just another day of chores and domesticity. I fixed a broken dresser of Tabitha's, which I was mighty proud about, but then I broke a wine glass, so maybe that's kind of a wash. Otherwise, I just did a smidge more to advance Project Dante and just did kind of normal everyday stuff. I mean everyday for normal people, I guess, not everyday for me. I still haven't quite worked out getting online time into my routine. It's actually a little nice, not spending so much time online. I mean I know that it's not all nice; there's shit that I'd like to be plugged into that I'm not, but it's nice to at least feel kind of productive with my time. I think we're going to try and shoot for an early night tonight. We both might be getting sick, which would suck. I might have some free-range time this weekend, so I'll probably be doing some catchup and whatnot. Oh! One other nice thing about not being jacked in so much is that I'm getting some reading done, both fiction and games, so can't complain about that, huh. :) No matter what I get done, though, I always feel like I'm in one of those situations where it's like here's five things, but choose four. You can never get ahead that way, you know? Currently, while I'm not working, in theory I have the most time available to me to allocate as I see fit, but it never feels like I address everything I need to, so that's pretty much an indicator that I need to reduce demands, right? Easier said than done! Still, it's a journey, and life isn't really anything to complain about for the time being. Quite the opposite, actually. Things are good. I like it.
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