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Looks like I missed a couple days there. I've been outside the normal routine lately, and that kind of thing always throws me, so I haven't been getting around to journaling. Gb is on spring break, which generally means he spends most of his time with Grandma, so Tb and I have been playing house this week. I'm liking it. :) I've been chauffeuring and being domestic and stuff. It looks like this is the lead-in to a more permanent situation, so that's pretty exciting. It has also, though, meant that I haven't been doing any of the things I normally do, most notably spending grotesque amounts of time online. That's both good and bad. I mean, it's good in the sense that I shouldn't really be spending all that time online, anyway. But bad in that the stuff keeps piling up, and I'm missing out on what all is going on in my virtual life. ;)

I don't even really remember what I've been up to. I mean, mostly during the day I've been running errands and stuff. Shopping and the like. Domestic stuff. At some point we had movie night and the three of us watched Malcolm X together, which was pretty great. That was on Monday, actually, now that I think about it. Tb was away for the weekend, so she took Monday off from work for recovery. We basically spent half the day hanging out together, then the other half with Gb. So that was movie night. So I guess Tuesday was errands and stuff. Plus therapy, of course. Hoo boy, that was quite a session on Tuesday. In a good way, though. There is a lot going on, most of which I haven't been talking about here, I guess. I'm not sure how to represent that here in a way that will make sense to future me but still maintain people's privacy. So I'll say...this had to do with something I'll call Project Future J, and (separately, mostly) something I'll call Project Dante. The session totally flew by, but it was also very helpful. I'm finding that all the good I'm getting from therapy is only partially about the nitty-gritty of the therapeutic process. Another big part is really just plain ol' good advice. I really lucked out getting the therapist I did.

I missed the MM stream on Tuesday, which was a shame, because it was episode 250 and also the fabled, long-awaited martial arts episode! I'll catch it on the podcast. That's another thing...I've been so "offline" that I've barely been listening to podcasts, either. They're really starting to pile up. This is what it's going to be like when I go back to working again. ;) Since I'm mostly at Tb's place for a while, I did a few domestic chores at my place today during the day. Got some laundry done, tidied a couple that. I guess also I've started entering a mindset for approaching Project Dante, but this is totally just preparatory stuff. Like...not even making a plan. Just...planning to make a plan. I think I'll be able to approach it well because I have time on my hands. But we know how these things ususally go for me, so...we'll see. ;)

Something else I started doing with downtime, basically just on a lark, is replaying Twilight Princess. That is seriously not what I need to be doing right now. ;) It's because Breath of the Wild came out and totally put me in a Zelda mood. And I never really heard anything encouraging about Skyward Sword, so I feel like I might actually just be able to skip that one. Anyway. I could be playing Breath of the Wild, but I just couldn't pull the trigger on making the purchase. Maybe after Project Dante is complete. That might make a good reward, actually. :) On a more general note, I'd like to get myself thinking more in terms of rewards. Well, more to the point, earning rewards. I never really stopped to think about it, but I've spent several years now in a mode of more or less instant gratification. a habit I should get out of. The sooner the better. So, yeah, I'll just state that right now, get it on record and all official and junk. No Breath of the Wild until Project Dante is complete. Yeah. That feels right.

Oh, and also, I guess just for my own notes, let me say for the record that Project Future J has ostensibly been put on hold with no impact. For five years. FIVE YEARS. We'll see how that goes. In five years' time, let's see if I'm glad or not that I put that on record. :)

Oh! This doesn't really have to do with me, but I'll note it anyway. Today I got to see the first external, super-alpha build of Meg's project! I'll not name it for real, just in case (of what??? no idea), but I'll call it Mahou Cylinders. It was further along than I expected, honestly! I mean, my expectations were just based on her lead-in, but it was exciting to see. I feel weirdly proud? I mean, it's just exciting, people getting things done. I never get anything done. :) But, day in that department. Also, I'll also note that John Adamus launched the Noir World Kickstarter campaign. I actually missed day 1 because I was offline, but that thing has gone like gangbusters! Good for him. I know he was worried about it, but it turns out there was no cause to be. Very exciting. I guess, too, I should note that the Companions' Tale campaign finished up today. It ended up going past 6x funding. So awesome for Laura. What a great game. Bit over a week left on Satanic Panic. Quite a bumper crop of great games. :)

In any case, getting close to bedtime. I'm just glad I got an entry in at all! What was different today was that I brought my laptop to Tb's place. :) The good: I can now operate here basically like I'm at home base. The bad: stupid unfamiliar keyboard keeps tripping me up. ;)
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