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Atypical Tuesday

It's funny...I don't have a userpic for weather stuff. I mean, I actually don't have userpics for a lot of things that are relevant to me now, and vice-versa. It just goes to show how different my life is nowadays, I guess. I missed journaling yesterday, but not for the usual reason. The day was actually on the busy side; I did chauffeuring and ran errands and did chores. Satisfying, as usual. And, also as usual, it highlighted just how much of my non-productive time I spend doing stuff online. I'm pretty sure this is my new "sitting on the couch watching TV all day," which means that it's something I should definitely not be doing. I mean,'s fine to do, but not in like an "all day, every day" way., yeah. Busy Monday. I must have been done by quittin' time, but honestly I can't remember what I did with my evening. Must have been lost to the 'Net if I have nothing to show for it.

Today was out of the ordinary for several reasons. Firstly, yesterday they were predicting this overwhelming superblizzard for today, so basically we were battening down the hatches and stuff for that. Come day-of, it actually turned out not to be so bad, but still...the whole city had prepared for it, so everybody basically took a snow day regardless. I had already canceled therapy, so I had nothing to do in the morning. Then, they canceled the Misdirected Mark stream for tonight, so there went that plan. :) Though to replace it, they had a bit of a meetup in the Slackroom, so that was pretty fun. Found out Bob loves The Replacement Killers as much as I do, so that was nice. :) Anyway. Most of my day was actually spent on podcasts, which was novel and also felt weirdly productive. :) I have to find something more productive to do with my time. And I mean that in its most basic the opposite of consuming. I'll work on that. Anyway, yeah; not a lot to report! Even without the superblizzard, it was still nasty and wintry enough to make staying indoors the preferred option. Like sleet and crap like that. Like I need encouragement to stay indoors. :P But, still. Nice to have the excuse. ;)

Oh, and happy Pi Day! I super messed up, because I was in the perfect position to pick up some pie at the store yesterday, and it totally slipped my mind. Like ordinarily I wouldn't care; I could pick up pie if I wanted, but it's just that today happened to be snow day, so I wasn't leaving the house. ;) I did have pizza, though, so that totally counts. I think I did my part for the celebration. ;) I think that's it. Maybe some gaming forming this weekend with Stephan and Gareth and them? Still in the planning stages. S works hard to try and get a group together, but it is so hard to wrangle all these adults. Maybe new Traveller, though, so that might be neat. :) Also St. Patrick's Day on Friday, though I don't think that affects my world. Means Dad's birthday is soon, though.

So, yeah, guess that's it. Gonna wash some dishes and go to bed. My life is not that exciting these days. Which is fine with me, believe me. I feel like when I have a lot to say, it's mostly complaining or something. Eh...I guess that's not true. But still. I'm fine with things being slow right now. That's what breaks are for.
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