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Red letter day today! I actually left the house for an extended period. ;) Actually, not only that, but I actually left the Rock. Spent much of the day in the City today. First, I (finally!) went back to the office to drop off my computer and phone. Also I picked up what I like to think of as a "parting" gift (but really what was really a "happy five years" gift). So I think that ends my professional relationship with that place, though I'm sure I'll be heading back there socially at some point. Probably soon, since I didn't hang out much this time around, though I did get to do a bit of catching up, so that was good. Nice to see the old gang again. Or what's left of them, I guess. Lots of changes around there. Around here, too, I suppose. :)

The rest was basically just some tooling around, since I don't get out that much these days. I stopped by the Strat, more or less for old times' sake, but also because why wouldn't I just swing by a FLGS given the opportunity. I, of course, walked out of there with a couple new books because...well, because I'm me. Saw a copy of Part-Time Gods of Fate and just had to pick it up because Phil's and Chris' names are on the front (which makes me super happy) and because what was ever bad that came out of Third Eye. I also, on a whim, picked up the Kaiju Incorporated RPG, because I had gotten the card game along with the DFCO Kickstarter, so I thought that might be nice and fun. I don't habitually pick up Fate supplements, but I figured this was a good exception. Plus, PK did some development on it, so that's cool, too. :)

I was back late enough that I only had to kill like an hour or so until Tb got out of work, so I just hung out and then we got to commute back together, which was nice and sweet. :) So, I dunno...overall, pretty good day. Not feeling sick like I was last night, or at least I wasn't until I kinda settled in back home for the night. Maybe it's all this screen time that does it. ;) Or maybe one of the neighbors has a meth lab. Or maybe getting around and moving around helps me overall feel better. ;) But, yeah. Pretty good day. Looking for more like this.
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