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Late nights and early parades

I've been doing something untoward to my sleep schedule, so I'm gonna try to get back on track in that department. Might be easier to do than I think, for reasons that will become clearer in a second. I felt on-and-off this weekend like I was getting sick. It's back on as I write this, so I'm thinking of hitting the sack pretty early tonight. I'm supposed to head into the City tomorrow anyway, so hopefully I'll both wake up early and wake up feeling better, so...we'll see how that goes.

This weekend was a'aight. Like I mentioned before, Gb's school play was this weekend, so date night went on the back burner this weekend. We did catch the play Saturday night, though, so that's kinda date night. :) They were putting on a production of Anything Goes, which I guess I'd never seen. :) I knew several of the songs, though, from other sources; I didn't even know they were part of the play. I even remember some of the sources. "You're the're the Colosseum..." I remember Mel Tormé singing to Harry on Night Court. "I get no kick from champagne" clearly from Blazing Saddles. That "Friendship" song I know I've heard before, but I can't remember where. Maybe another song or two. Anyway, it was a good production. I enjoyed it, even if I was a little bit out of it from being under the weather. Their Reno was surprisingly strong! Not "surprisingly," I guess; they always put on a good show. Gb played Eli Whitney.

[pic of Gb]

Not a whole lot from today. We got some lunch and did some shopping. Normal weekend stuff. Family time. :) This was only mildly impacted by much of the major thoroughfare around here being blocked off for what we quickly surmised was a St. Patrick's Day parade. So early! The holiday's not for another two weeks. Whatever. In any case, speaking of shopping, I tried to pick up more vegetables in an effort to not eat quite so much crap. I gotta get back on that cooking train. Actually, I gotta get back on that doing anything train. Too much computer time. I'll see if I can keep that more under control this week.

Carmen's birthday is coming up this week. Next weekend she's looking to get people together for dim sum. Sounds pretty nice; we'll see if I can spring it. Dad should be in the area visiting around Easter. Speaking of family time.

Okay, both my brain and body are shutting down, so I'm gonna close this up, do another chore or two, and call it a night. Oh! Might be starting another Storium game soon. I posted on FB that the In Nomine setting had come to town, and it generated enough interest that I can probably just get a new game started right away. The medical drama one is stalled out still, so maybe I'll start up this new one and see if I can't kick the existing one into motion. Oh, and they're trying to get a somewhat recurring game put together...Stephan and Gareth and them. Mix of tabletop and online, I think they're shooting for? Maybe Traveller. We'll see; it's so fucking hard to get in contact with people and corral them and stuff. Curse of adulthood and whatnot.

I said I was going, right? Okay, I'm going. Until next time.
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