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This is pretty much a non-post. Nothing of note today; I didn't even do any chauffeuring. ;) I pushed the City trip from tomorrow to Friday because I'm supposed to get a package tomorrow. I did some catchup and chores today, but not the stuff I should have been doing. Ah, well, there's always tomorrow. ;) (And if that's not the procrastinators' motto, then I don't even know.) I should set a rule about getting X amount of stuff done before I crack open social media. ;) Most of what I did today was RSS catchup, so at least I'm getting a handle on my infostream. Hopefully email tomorrow.

One noteworthy thing from today: Geek & Sundry did a live stream AP of one of Grant's games, The Witch is Dead. I mean holy SHIT. That's pretty big. :) Super proud of and happy for him. I also took joy in congratulating SASG for scooping G&S. ;)

Yeah, I dunno. Told you it was a non-post. :) I'm doing well; other people are doing well; I'm kind happy for us all. Hopefully the same tomorrow. Can't ask for much more!
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