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Mondays aren't so bad anymore

Man, I gotta get back on a schedule or something; I shouldn't be up this late, I feel like.

Did some online catchup today, but I could have done more, I think. I think what happened was that I went into this morning with at least half a plan that I cooked up last night, about the stuff I was going to work on and get done and whatever, but I basically abandoned that plan, like, first thing, so the whole day was thrown off. I am super bad at recovering from disrupted plans. ;) Anyway, though...yeah, online catchup...don't really think there was much more. Jim McClure is getting ready to launch his Satanic Panic Kickstarter tomorrow; I did a little editorial pass tonight to help out. Pretty exciting! Super premise for a game; I think a lot of people are going to find it really fun. I hope it's a great success; Jim works hard at this stuff.

Ooh, and speaking of Kickstarters, I got my hardcopy of The Veil in the mail today. Man, but that book is gorgeous. It makes me realize that in my mind I kind of think of two main different kinds of cyberpunk. One, the grittier one, is what I think of when I read The Sprawl. I think that idea is rooted in like 80s and 90s cyberpunk. More rock 'n roll than techno, if that makes sense. It's that "back alley" feel. Underground tech. Dirty cyberwear. Smartguns, but not laser guns. Tech still had mechanisms, you know? Jacking in meant plugging a cord into something. A real street vs. corporate aesthetic, ya know? Johnny Mnemonic. The other kind is a more modern aesthetic; everything's kind of oval and sleek. Tech is seamless. Transhumanism. Holographic displays and gestural UIs. Soft lines. I dunno...Ex Machina, maybe. Anyway, that's more what I think of when I think of The Veil. Haven't read through it yet, though, so we'll see.

Anyway. I'm chauffeuring tomorrow. Plus therapy. So that probably means a lot of chores, too. Which means not a lot of time online. Which is fine. I could use the break. Gotta remember to check in for Jim's KS, though!

Oh! Didn't make it into the City today to return work stuff. Next opportunity is probably Wednesday; I won't have the time tomorrow. So...yeah. We'll see if that shakes out, too. :)
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