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Still zero today. I think it's con crud, but I also think it's mild. Whether it is or isn't, though, it would behoove me to start getting my shit together soon. There's plenty to be done. Tb is giving a lot of thought to Dark Side of the Con, and she was encouraging me to give a re-thinking to Breakout. I mean, sure, I'd love to go, but I'm not sure I can justify being that irresponsible, can I? I mean...surely I've had my fill of late. ;)

Anyway. Nothing really worth blogging about today, and I'm too sleepy to make a go of it anyway. Date Night tomorrow may actually be replaced with Family Game Night, since Gb will be around, but we'll see. May or may not get a post in tomorrow.

It occurs to me that I might benefit from a schedule. Or at least a checklist. I dunno...something to remind me that I shouldn't blow quite so many hours on social media. Friday is really not the day to implement that kind of thing, though, We'll see.
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