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I'm going to maybe need a "domestic life" userpic or something. :) Not a lot to report today, but for once that's because I was kinda productive instead of not being at all productive. I did chauffeur duty today because Gb had weird school hours, so it was all very homemaker for me this morning. Dropped off Tb at work, have a nice day, honey, I love you. Dropped off Gb at school, see you at 3, make good choices. Ran errands, went shopping, picked up kid, picked up wife. I dunno, it was all very calming and happy. Didn't get a hell of a lot else done, but hey. I helped out, at least. :)

Anyway. Once that was all done, I basically went back in my cave and ate an entire chicken, so I got that going for me, too.

It's Misdirected Mark streaming night, but they had a bunch of technical difficulties, so the show didn't quite go as planned. They basically ended up doing Aftershow-only, really. :) I got a lot of shoutouts for hanging out with Phil and Senda at Dreamation, though, which was awesome. I got namedropped at the same time as Jason Pitre! I fainted. Senda hauled out one of the more dynamic table selfies of us from this weekend, so that's pretty awesome. Such good memories. Such good people. Makes me all squishy inside.

I should link to more stuff, huh. It's weird how separate LJ feels from the rest of social media, and I'm not sure why. Part of it is probably the newness of coming back, but part of it is probably also the oldness of the site and this blogging practice. Here's a pic of Phil, Senda, and me when we first met up at the con. I have to admit, they have done a pretty outstanding job of branding. :)

I think if it wasn't so late I'd work on capturing and embedding some of these pics, but for the I can't be bothered. :)

Oh, one of the notable things I did not get to today because of my domestic chores was doing the con writeups. Was hoping to get to it tomorrow, instead, but there might be a little last-minute game-playing going on in Brooklyn, so, we'll see what happens. This is how it starts, though...miss a day here, a day there, and the shit never gets done. I should have done it on Monday when I had a solid opportunity, but I was so damn dedicated to doing nothing on the day after a con that I just refused to start the work. That'll learn me. :) Or not. ;)

Anyway, might be out and about again tomorrow, so I'll close 'er down. Weirdly fulfilling day today. I could get used to housewifing. :)
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