Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Time for it all

Wow. Looks like I've missed quite a few days of blogging. Which means some things are undoubtedly just lost to the void now. Currently posting this painfully slowly from my phone, because I'm trying to get to bed and don't want to go through all the trouble of setting up the computer. That will be clearer in a bit, but I also want to note that this takes extra long on my phone, because the LJ app does something fucked up to my keyboard and makes autocorrect not work. So, tiny keyboard plus big fingers minus autocorrect plus anal levels of proofreading equals time sink.

I don't really know what I did on Thursday besides work. I don't think I ran long; I think I was just tired and distracted and wasn't productive for the evening. I know most of work was sprint meetings, so there's that, but I think the evening was just a wash.

Friday I know I high-tailed it out of the office as soon as I got my hours in, and I headed out to meet Tabitha. Her mom's away, so we had Gabriel for the weekend. I think we ordered from that new burrito place, so that was good. I think we all really like the place, so I'm glad about that, but I know Tb was less thrilled with their guac this time. Too much onion. I remember we watched a bunchof music videos on  YouTube, but I don't remember why. I honestly can't remember what else we did. I know I ate too much.

Saturday, I know in the morning I came back to my apartment while Tb slept in. Gb played video games. Eventually Tb got up, and I headed back, and she and I went out to breakfast, but Gb preferred to stay behind. We went to IHOP. We spent most of the afternoon grocery shopping, including going to the Asian market, so I got to restock on tea. Originally I was going to go back home for the night, but ultimately decided that I wasn't going to get anything done anyway, so I came back with her after dropping off my groceries. I have so much food now, it's ridiculous. If I can't go next week without delivery, then it's just a willpower thing. They made pizzas, but  I wasn't hungry. We watched Leverageand had ice cream.

Sunday morning (this morning) Gb cleaned his room and then afterward we all went out for breakfast. When the chores were done, we finally all sat down and played some Civ V! That's why my computer's not set up; I brought it over so we could LAN. It's still in my backpack. I really need to get a bag that my new laptop can fit in. Pretty fun. Of course we didn't finish, but everybody got their feet wet so yay. I think Gb enjoyed. Tb had fun. Good times.

Now home for the night. Stomach a little messed up, but I think it was pretty temporary. Too much rich food today. Did what chores I could, but I'm pretty much just hitting the sack. Back to work tomorrow.

Was nice spending the weekend with Tb and Gb. Very domestic. Didn't get anything extra-curricular done this weekend, but that's how it has to go, I guess. Did get to listen to a bunch of podcasts while playing Civ, though. :) One of the few activities I can combine with podcasts. Especially multiplayer because the turns take so long. Nice playing Civwith them, too. Hope we get to do more of that.

Bedtime now. Work in the morning. Blah blah blah.

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