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They didn't go long

It's Tuesday, so I'm going to keep this brief.

Therapy was a'aight. I didn't have much to bring to the table today, though I did mention my concerns about depression, so basically I feel like I've just got to...keep on keepin' on, I guess. At least for a bit. We actually ended up having a whole big conversation about, like...the food industry? I guess? We have tangents. Anyway. So that was fine. The big takeaway was finding the good in things and trying to focus on that. It's tough. The bad seems to outweigh the good, and it's hard for me to discount that as a reality, even if it is in the pursuit of my mental health. I'm not even convinced it is healthy, which is I guess part of the problem anyway. I what point does positive thinking cross the line into self-deception. I guess that presupposes that self-deception is inherently unhealthy, but if it's not, then I'm certainly convinced that it is, so...maybe that's a whole other thing.

Work followed. It was also fine. I actually got a fair amount done, since I didn't have meetings to go to. V is on vacation this week, and it took that for me to realize that working West Coast hours is a lot less interesting when there's not another West Coast person around. ;) That said, it was a productive late shift, so that's never a bad thing.

After work I just slid right into the Misdirected Mark podcast live stream. I tried to do a little bit of catchup in the background, but eh. They actually kept the show pretty tight today and were done at a reasonable hour, so I'm doing minimal jacked-in stuff tonight and just going to try and head to bed. I made a poor showing of getting to sleep last night, and I was really feeling it this morning. So hopefully tonight I can catch up on sleep a little. I might even sleep in a tiny bit extra, except first thing is the sprint review so blah. Anyway. Less blogging, more sleeping. :) Gonna hit the dishes then hit the sack. Peace!
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