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Today...was not a bad day off, let me start with that. I kept the food train rolling, actually. Did a bit more shopping and some more cooking today. Some many, many months ago, I got it in my head to make pasta puttanesca and gathered the necessary ingredients. Then...they sat in my house forever. So today I finally got around to trying to make the sauce. Didn't turn out bad...maybe too watery for my taste, and I could have probably added more capers. I like capers. :) Anyway, I tried zucchini noodles for the first time today to go with it. It was...fine. It's basically an interesting new way to eat vegetables, but it's still eating vegetables. ;) Which is not a bad thing, and is something I should do more of. Lastly, I put the fish sticks to use that I picked up back when my sister told me she used them as a way to make fish tacos, and I knew I had to give that a try. So, yeah...this long weekend's been loaded with cooking. I should have plenty of food to see me through the week. Let's see if I can do a whole week without ordering delivery.

I guess most of the rest of the day was catchup of some kind or other. I think I'm almost current on podcasts! I might get another one in tonight, mostly because I have a shit-ton of dishes to do, of course (the natural side-effect of so much cooking). Maybe two if I have trouble sleeping like I did last night. Tabitha stopped by this evening, which was excellent. I definitely don't see her enough during the week. We're both so busy. And I like that we live so close, but sometimes it doesn't seem like close enough. What else...caught up on YouTube. Oh! For some reason, I got this craving to watch Monsters, Inc., so I did that. I have no idea what drove that, but it was time...well, I was going to say "well spent," but I guess it wasn't that well spent. ;) It was fine. Thought a lot, of course, about how to headcanon that little girl's future. Would make a good badass monster ally. Which makes me think of that new Trollhunters show on Netflix. Like I have time for a new TV show. But, you know. Alternate fantasy worlds. Always good.

Ah, I threw down on two new Kickstarters. One was Elite: Dangerous, which is basically the TRPG of that old Elite video game, so I hit that up both for nostalgia purposes, and also because I'm always curious how the empire-building stuff goes. I still have to check out how Wrath of the Autarch turned out. I mean I have the book; I just haven't sat down with it yet. The other one was Pigsmoke which is basically the PbtA game of Hogwarts: The Faculty, which I think has a pretty good chance of being hilarious, particularly because there are real academics in my circle. :) There was another that hit my radar, Neomancer, which is a new entry into the "modern" era of cyberpunk games. It looks like an original system which, to be clear, I have no problem with. But there were a few strikes against it. One, I couldn't see anything new they were bringing to the table, particularly because they made a point to punch the "purity" of their take on the cyberpunk genre. Which, again, I have no problem with, but what could I possibly want in that direction when I have The Sprawl. (I don't count Headspace in this arena; Headspace has its own awesome thing going on. But for the record, I should note that I am also seriously looking forward to The Veil, but I think I'll enjoy that more for style and flavor. The Sprawl is a really tough standard as far as a distilled modern cyberpunk game.) Two, there were a couple things I didn't like about how the campaign itself was structured. And that's a tiny quibble; that's not generally the kind of thing that would stop be from backing wholesale, but it does give me a bit of pause when no one I know is involved. print version! Sorry, y'all...dealbreaker. Love having the book in hand, even if it's POD. So, yeah, a rare RPG Kickstarter that I didn't back. :) Still...plugged it on Dodecahedroid and all. I'm not against the thing, I'm just drawing a line. Truth be told, I've been trying to keep a closer eye on that particular spending habit, so it's not a bad thing to start getting a little choosier.

On a separate topic, I forget, from time to time, how important it is to have creative outlets. I did a tiny, very dumb photo edit today for a social media joke, and it was very satisfying. Not the joke. :) The process. I think at some point today I had meant to get back to working on a side project or so, but I guess that never ended up happening. Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, which is predictable. Short week, though, and it's also sprint end, so maybe it won't be so bad. I am looking forward to therapy in the morning, though, so I guess there's that. That also means tomorrow's the usual Tuesday black hole, so don't expect a lot in the blog department.

Guess that's probably it. It should have shut down and gone to bed a while ago, but I'm getting pretty bad at that. Gotta clear those dishes and then get some sleep. Peace.
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