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Keeping busy

I like to think I was decently productive today! I woke up weirdly early. Left to my own devices for the day and unsure of what to do with myself, I somehow ended up baking muffins. Like...first thing in the morning, I'm talking about. It started out because I've been staring for so long at the remainder of a box of raisin bran that I feel like I'm never going to finish, and I was wondering what to do with it. (During the winter months I generally have oatmeal instead of cereal, so I guess this raisin bran got stuck in the transition from warm weather to cold.) The only use I know of offhand for old raisin bran is to make raisin bran muffins, so that's exactly what I did. Didn't turn out too bad, either, if I may say so myself! Anyway, I did some online catchup, caught up on bills, did a bunch more cooking, actually, and caught up on a lot of podcasts. Even went out and bought some groceries. The cooking thing...I like to do a lot of cooking on the weekends when I have time, so that way I have food around during the week and I'm a lot less likely to order stuff during the work week. In theory, I should also be able to go out for a walk or something at lunchtime, but I haven't quite worked that out yet. I used to have no problem spending my lunch hour just going outside, and doing my actual eating at my desk, but these days I'm constantly on the phone or in meetings, so eating while working has a bit less appeal.

I finally (finally!) started that Storium game that should have started, like...three months ago or something. I got a bunch of people together who wanted to try Storium for the first time (plus Kthrin, who of course is a grizzled vet), and then totally failed to get the game going. There was always just this delay or that delay, but I'm just bad at follow-through. Trying to work on that. I think if I stick to Storium well enough, that should also count toward my "write more" goal. Like, shit, what else am I writing, ya know?

Anyway. So...not a bad day. Can probably catch up with email before I unplug for the day. After that, I'll probably either catch more podcasts or read some Masks. I'd really like to be able to play Masks with Tb and Gb this weekend, though latest word from Gb is that he wants to play Civ, which is fine with me! We'll see if he's prepared for that kind of time commitment. ;)

I'm pretty excited about having the day off tomorrow. There was a time, certainly, when that would have meant staying up all kinds of late and so forth, but I'm more excited these days about keeping a regular sleeping schedule than I am about being able to stay up late and sleep in. Yet another of my many slides into boring adulthood. Not even regular adulthood! Boring, middle-aged adulthood. ;) I'm feeling less bad about that today than I was yesterday, which I guess is something. It's amazing how different my life feels when I decide for myself how I use my time.
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