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I'm cutting myself slack for not blogging on Date Night. I think that's a reasonable position. :) Nonetheless, I'm thinking a quick post now just to catch up. Not that there's that much to catch up on. Work was work on Friday. Ran a little bit long, but no big. Basically headed out right after to meet up with Tabitha. We spent the evening in, which is per usual and also quite welcome. Ordered delivery from a new burrito place which I had just found out about. She enjoyed it, which I find gratifying; it's not often I can win her over with the cheap eats that I enjoy. ;) Nice evening; very chill. Good, intimate time together. I feel like that's not easy to come by these days. Part of it is work. It's not particularly long hours or anything (last few weeks notwithstanding, I guess), but it just takes it out of me. Anyway. Good night, good morning, nice lazy day. She's going out tonight, so I'm thinking I'll just hole up nice and cozy and take it easy. I'm even thinking an Internet break is a good idea; I kind of need to clean house mentally, I think. Just need a break. It's snowing out today, which totally took me by surprise, because apparently wherever Tabitha gets her weather reports is better than where I get mine. ;) But the point's a good day to hole up and be cozy. I'm sleepy anyway, I've got nothing pressing, and I've got an extra day off this weekend. I think it's a good time to check out for a bit.

Which, with that, I will now do.
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