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A good day

Had a pretty good day at work today. The first half was all meetings -- seems like my whole life is meetings now -- but it felt productive, and I got some decent stuff done with the rest of the time. It makes a big difference; I didn't close out the day feeling quite so pointless, so that's something. On that topic, though, Dorian said something today that made me remember that she's working toward something good for the world, which served to remind me that I am not. Just more food for thought. After work, I did laundry, so that was my at-home productive thing for the day. I think I'm going to skip some other chores and stuff tonight and just go to bed early. I need some real sleep; I think I'm starting to unravel a little.

Exciting entry, I know. ;) It's just going to be this way sometimes if I stick to a daily schedule. I've gotta fold the laundry and put it away. Maybe if I really motivate myself I'll wash the dishes. Habitica is helping me a lot, I think. Ordinarily, I wouldn't think twice about skipping the dishes tonight, but if I take care of 'em I could get a clean sweep on my Dailies! ;)

So, yeah...I'll probably do the dishes. Laundry and dishes. But that's it. Gotta get to bed at a reasonable hour. Peace!
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