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Catching up with myself

All right. Still too fucking late for these kinds of shenanigans, but I've been down this road before, and if I don't recap while things are fresh, I'm just not going to get to it.

So...I know Friday night we skipped Date Night, so I know Saturday I was up and about at a semi-reasonable hour. I know I caught up on email and did some bills. I can't for the life of me figure out how that took up the whole first part of the day, but there you go. That evening was a small board game night at Paulina's and John's place. The baby was out for the night, and that's what they wanted to do with their night, so there we go. :) Scott and Sam also came. Stephan was a maybe, but never showed. Five's a good number for board game night, I think. Four is possibly better -- a lot of games top out at four players -- but five's still small enough that everybody can play a game and doesn't necessarily have to be a party game. That said...we basically played party games. ;) We played Joking Hazard, which I have been itching to play ever since the Kickstarter and so was really happy to try out. Really fun! Early impressions are that people seem to like it better than CAH, which is fine by me. It's still gross, but more in a juvenile way than necessarily an oppressive way. I'm really impressed at how the cards are so versatile. Quite a creative accomplishment. We also played Exploding Kittens, which is one of Gabriel's favorites. I was the only one who had played before. I made a prediction beforehand that Scott wouldn't like it, but I turned out to be wrong. I'm not that keen on the game. To me, it distills Munchkin down to its core mechanic of a tight race until someone randomly wins first. Scott and I had a protracted discussion about strategy, which is absurd when I think back on it, because come's Exploding Kittens, how much strategy could you possibly need. I think really we were talking more about design that strategy, but maybe neither one of us realized it at the time. So anyway. That game happened.

So here's about where things took at turn. Tabitha had other plans that night and couldn't come to game night, but she was going to pick me up on her way home. (I took public transit from Staten Island to Greenpoint, so THAT took a nice, long while. I was grateful for the shot a ride back home.) On her way to Paulina's, though, she got a flat tire from taking a pothole too fast, though she didn't realize it at the time. It was only after a spell on the BQE that she suspected a flat, so she pulled into a gas station after getting off the highway and finally confirmed. Luckily, she ended up a pretty short walk from Paulina's, so I went out to meet her and help change the tire to get us both back on the road. I felt bad because I had convinced Scott and Sam to stick around on the promise of a ride home, and then I wasn't able to deliver, so that was unfortunate. It also threw the end of the night into a weird rhythm, which I felt bad about, and everything arranged itself so that Tabitha didn't get to see anybody or say hi, and vice-versa. Hopefully it won't be too long before there's another chance, but still. Bummer. Was great to see Paulina again, though; it's been a really long time. She and John appear to be doing well, so that's good. I still haven't met the kid, but...well, you know how I am about kids. I'm fine with that.

As mentioned in the placeholder, Sunday was Gb's birthday, so that was a whole day spent with the Gruesome Twosome. I mean for real. I think I had like an hour free, and then it was off to the races. We went out for diner breakfast, which of course I enjoyed. :) We decided afterward to head to the mall. I let him pick out what he wanted as a present. The practical item was a wallet, which he desperately needs because he keeps losing stuff. It had a chain, of course, because I am an astounding fashion role model. The non-practical gift was - are you ready? - one of those lightning globes where you touch the glass ball and the purple lightning follows your finger around? I remember those being around when I was a kid, so I got to wondering just how long that's been around as a novelty piece. I'd always seen them stores and stuff, I guess, but I've never spent an extended period of time with one. They're actually incredibly mesmerizing, even when not being interacted with. Oh, and the one he got has a mode that makes it reactive to sound, so I guess they've advanced lightning globe technology at least a little bit. :) Anyway...we got dinner at one of the more delicious-but-far-away Italian places that we don't go to that often, but we got it to-go and ate at home. Grandma stopped by, and we had dinner and watched a couple episodes of Leverage. Introducing Tabitha to that show was one of the best entertainment-sharing moves I ever made. :) We had ice cream cake from Carvel, though not in the traditional whale-shaped form. I completely forgot to take the opportunity to unload another Birthday Lotus so that Tabitha could run the battery out again and drive Gb out of his skin again, but maybe that's for the best, since it was his birthday and so he I shouldn't help him be victimized by his mother's shenanigans like that. ;) I still have two left out of the original three that I got for Tb's last birthday, so somebody's getting one at some point. And then...again, I suppose. :)

So the bottom line from the weekend is that I didn't get much of anything accomplished. I had thought I left myself plenty of time for sleep on Sunday night, but that didn't end up working out quite as well as I hoped. I probably didn't need to read so much, but I think I made the excuse of needing to finish my tea. Anyway, the morning was pretty rough, and I actually got up kinda sick and postponed my work day a bit. I'm glad I'm journalling this stuff, because it's become a streak of waking up nauseated, so I know from experience that this is not a good scene. I think it's the stress and likely exacerbated by lack of sleep, too. A cause which I am not helping by blogging right now. Shit, I still have dishes to do, too. Tomorrow's my late day, so I have a little wiggle room, but still. Time just always gets away from me. I started late and worked long, so things are not off to a great start this week. Randomly discovered that Monday's a holiday, so at least we got that going for us. I keep feeling worse about work, and I honestly can't tell if it's just that we're in a rough patch, or if this is just how this new position goes, or if this is just overall malaise from wanting to be somewhere else. One of those problems will go away. Two of them won't unless I make a change. So this seems kind of important to figure out. Bah, this is the kind of thing I'm not good at. Looking forward to therapy tomorrow, basically for that reason, and also because I've just been feeling pretty bad about myself lately. I don't think I've been doing a good job, and that's always tough. But added to the doubts that I don't feel like it's even worth doing a good job, and that's a whole other kettle of fish. So we'll see. Regardless of anything bigger or longer-term, the immediate need is always to just get through another day, so...just gotta get through another day. Some chores, some tea, some going to bed, and then the starting gun in the morning. Mmm...bad metaphor. I'm not racing. There's no finish line, no competitors. Just work. Just running around and around the track.

Yeah. Something's gotta change.
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