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First day back

First day back at work after the New Year holiday weekend, and it was a doozy. This is the first of what will probably be many, many short posts that basically consist of "Went to work today. Tired."

So...went to work today. Tired.

Actually, I put in a lot of hours today. To paraphrase one of my teammates, it was too much of a day for having just come back from the holidays. The rest of the week is probably going to be mostly taken up by end-of-sprint meetings, which aren't particularly tiring, I guess, but do take up a lot of time. I think overall things are going well. I'm in a new position these days which is a lot of work and stresses me out (probably more than it should, but that's how I am with new things). I have a great team, though, which helps, and I think we've been doing well. Trying to hold on to that optimism and/or satisfaction and stave off the doom-like feelings of failure which are dogging my steps. Just need more sleep, I think.

I mostly work from home these days, so part of my 2017 refit is that I'm trying to make it a point to leave the house daily and at least go for a walk or something, if not try for some more rigorous exercise. Today I at least got a decent walk in. Caught the latest podcast episode of Pat Trek, which I greatly enjoy. Did some online catchup, but not really enough. It's just way too easy to fall behind. I'm spinning up a little bit of volunteer work for a non-profit, so I spent a bit of time on that today, as well. Also a nice little Habitica party is forming, so that might be nice to have a little company in the getting-my-shit-together game. It's the post-New Year boost, so we'll see what lasts.

Things I didn't get to today: Storium, Primordia, inbox zero, any RSS. I think I didn't go overboard on social media, so I feel okay about that. I'm doing well on the eschewing TV front. Still not enough time for podcasts or reading. I dunno, man. There's just so few hours in the day, particularly when you're trying to sleep like a human should and when work takes up extra time. Something I'm (still) not good at is adjusting to schedule changes on the fly. Disruptions really take it out of me for the day. In any case, not a bad day, really, just not a great one. Too much day job, not enough other stuff, and skimped on sleep.

Oh, I should mention, since I'm doing this for journalling purposes, I woke up pretty nauseated this morning. Would have skipped work if there wasn't important shit to do today, but I was fine a couple hours in, so...all's well that ends well, I guess. Not sure what was up, though. Dietary changes? Lack of sleep? Stress? Probably just a one-time thing, but should track this kind of thing if I want to learn anything.

Okay, gotta close up. Still more to do tomorrow, and the clock doesn't wait.

I need a work icon, I think.
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