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The year is only two days old, and already I'm being put to the test with this whole journalling routine thing. I got next to no sleep last night, and I'm crashing hard, but luckily today was not complicated, so I'm going to dash off a recap before crawling into bed.

The big feature today was heading out to Jersey to meet up with my mom and my sister for lunch at Cheesecake Factory, courtesy of a gift card from my aunt. It was, of course, too much food for one sitting; we all took leftovers back with us. We also all got some cheesecake to go. No particular occasion for the gathering, aside from the New Year, I guess, so it was just nice to catch up a little bit. Momz told me that William Christopher (who played Father Mulcahy on M*A*S*H) died, so that was pretty sad. M*A*S*Hwas a huge part of my childhood and my mom's entertainment landscape back in the day, so that was a significant celebrity death for us. Anyway, that was just a snippet of pre-game conversation. Mostly we caught up a bit, talked about the food, discussed random topics. The usual. Good times.

Tabitha had lent me the car for the afternoon so I could make that trip, so after I got back, I cajoled her out of the house so we could do some grocery shopping. I got some polenta, which I've decided should be either a character or a move from Dragonball. I also got some green squash with the intent of running it through a specialized tool to shred it into something resembling pasta. What has my life become. We ate Chinese takeout, watched Criminal Minds, and ate cheesecake that I had brought back from the afternoon's outing. Gb came back from his vacation at grandma's and opened the remainder of his Hanukkah presents. School starts back up again tomorrow, so early bed for him, some more TV for me and Tabitha, and now I'm about to collapse into bed.

I have tomorrow off from work, but I have therapy in the morning, so I gotta get to bed anyway. Plus, like I said, I barely slept last night, so I need to get some shuteye. Glad I took a few extra minutes to get this post in, though.

Wait, one last thing. Gb returned Masks. Said he flipped through it, but didn't really read it. He'll rely on me to fill him in if we play. Guess I'll have to read it, then. ;) Looking forward to it. A lot of people are buzzing about this one. Wonder if I'll have to start watching some Young Justiceor something. :)

Anyway, bedtime.

EDIT: Also wanted to mention. At lunch, I mentioned my propensity for ordering fish tacos, and my sister said that she had made fish tacos out of some fish sticks she had in the freezer, which struck me as about the most brilliant idea ever. Got some fish sticks on the grocery run tonight, so...budget fish tacos in my future!

Also, this is my first time using the LJ mobile app. So far, sucky. It's not letting me use my usual keyboard!

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