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Also, ostensibly since I want to start journalling again, let me just briefly recount New Year's Eve. Tabitha (lucidam) and I met up in the evening and picked up some (of course) last-minute supplies. I didn't have a lot of opinion to offer about Champagne. She ended up choosing Nando Fragolino, which was a very sweet berry-flavored sparkling wine. I found it quite delicious, frankly. I think she found it too sweet. We got sparkling cider for Gb (her son, almost 14 now). We basically whiled away the pre-midnight hours with board games. I picked Murder of Crows, which we played for the first time. It was simple and played as quickly as I expected. We used the copy I picked up from the KARTAS promo, so we got to play with Ken and Robin cards, which was at least fun for me. ;) Here's my winning spread, including one Robin D. Laws as the perpetrator. :)


Gb chose Munchkin, surprising no one. It actually went fairly quickly, and I surprised myself by dominating that game. Usually Gb can't be stopped, but I guess it was just my turn.

The game ended just in time for us to pause for midnight celebrations, which were had, minus a brief but exciting interlude where we thought the TV was broken. Also, in the aftermath, Tabitha started randomly flipping through channels and we ended up watching an unreasonable amount of Staten Island public access cable, during which we were treated to like a two-year-old Christmas special of a dude just going to TOWN on a xylophone.

Eventually we decided to have one final game. I had assumed Tabitha's choice would be Monopoly, since no one ever volunteers to play that. She surprised me by momentarily calling out Small World, which is one of my favorites, but which I don't think other people like too much, and also it involves a tremendously annoying quantity of counters and shit. We ended up settling on Smash Up, an old, solid favorite.

In general with Smash Up we've been experimenting with different ways of selecting Factions, from random to having other people choose. This game was interesting. Since it was three players, each player chose one Faction for each of the other two players. It was all done without knowing what had already been chosen for whom, though, so the combinations were basically blind. I ended up with Robots and Sorcerers. Per usual, we like to come up with team names for various combinations, so I went with "Technomancers." Gb had Cats and Tricksters and named his team after the more rascally of the household cats. Tabitha ended up with Steampunks and Ninja and went, I think, with "Steam Assassins." Anyway, I ended up booking a win in that one, too, if only because Rhodes Plaza Mall came up as one of the bases and, well, I had Robots.

Didn't really think about it until I was writing this recap, but I guess I went three-for-three on NYE board games. Not a bad way to start off the New Year, I guess. :)

Anyway. Didn't do much with New Year's Day except Internet catchup and trying to set up my to-do list gamification (for which I am using a site called Habitica, which I learned about from Mary Robinette Kowal). If you want to sign up (or are already there) and want to join my party, ping me.

As an aside, "Internet catchup" has become my default state for all downtime these days. What that really entails is basically social media, YouTube, and RSS feeds. Podcasts are just a whole other category. I guess something I'd like to try and do better in 2016 is manage my time so I can keep up with all this stuff, but deep down I fear the reality is just that I have to scale back what I'm trying to keep track of, and that's never easy, trying to decide what to drop. So that will be something I'll pay a bit more attention to later on, I think.

For now, I should close up, do my newly gamified chore of washing the dishes, maybe make some tea, and go to bed early in an effort to maintain a healthy sleep schedule. My life is nothing like it used to be, y'all.
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