Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

The wheel comes around

Hey, everybody. I got kinda sidetracked before writing this post, so this will probably be brief. :) Also it is a lovely extra day off from work, and Star Trek: The Next Generation is now available on Netflix streaming, so you know I got shit to do today. ;)

At any rate, most of the heavy lifting is over and done with, so I guess it's time to break the story that roomie metalepticfit has moved out of the house we share in Philly. That was pretty much my last tie to this place, so I'm looking to get out of here, myself. This is pretty good news, actually, since, as we know, I'm working full-time in NYC, and that commute is a drag, everybody. Ideally, of course, I'd move back to New York, or at least somewhere a lot closer than I am now. ;)

But, naturally, since I don't seem to want to do things the easy way, there are complications. First and foremost, I'm broke as shit, so I will not actually be moving back to New York any time soon; I just flat out do not have the capital. Therefore, since it is available and makes sense, I think I'll be moving back to the place I was at before coming down to Philly, the house blogonymed Chateau Tallcake. As long-time readers may recall, this is a semi-abandoned house out in a sleepy podunk on the New Jersey-Pennsylvania border. It is...somewhat closer to New York than Philadelphia is. :) The bus trip is shorter, but catching the bus is a lot less convenient, so my commute time will probably actually not be greatly improved. What will be greatly improved, though, is the money I can save by living there, meaning I can build up some funds to make a better move somewhere down the line.

In any case, that's the vague plan for now. I'm bringing this up now because this has all happened fairly quickly, and between my unavailability during the work week and the moving-type activities I'm about to engage in for the rest of my upcoming time, I'm probably going to drop off the map for a while, maybe two or three weeks or so. My goal is to have things wrapped up by the end of the month, but who knows what could happen in that time. But...that's the state of things for the time being.

So, yeah...might not be showing my virtual face around on the 'Net much in the next few weeks. As always, though, if anything comes up, you know how to reach me. Peace out, and happy Independence Day, everybody!
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