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The weekend is here, everybody, so that means I actually have some time to sit a spell and relax. Actually, I spent the first half of the day doing chores and the time since then slogging through quite a lot of Internet backlog, but I thought it's time for a break and maybe I should get that update post cranked out.

So to completely catch up, we'll have to first set the Wayback Machine to Memorial Day weekend, which was, oh, I guess three weeks ago now. The big event at that time, of course, was my sister's wedding. That's right, carbaunt went and tied the knot, and I watched. I couldn't get over the dual perspectives of time that I felt during the celebration. It's's my sister, you know? Someone I've known my entire life. Surely it couldn't have been that long ago that we were just little kids running around? Like when boys were gross and all that? What's she doing standing there getting married? Becoming a wife, a stepmom, even. I mean...I think back, and surely such a huge amount of living has gone on since the old days...surely that was a hundred years ago. And yet, I simultaneously felt like no time had passed since we were like 10 or 11, and now I'm watching this...this woman...and this whole new, other family happening. And this is just a brother talking; I can't imagine what it's like for parents. Must be mind-blowing.

Anyway. The ceremony and following reception was all very lovely. It was held out at this...well, farm, really, is the only appropriate word, but I feel like anyone who didn't grow up lovingly caretaking a small piece of land is going to conjure up the wrong image. No endless fields, no tractors. More like...a garden. A big, functional, extremely picturesque garden. With, like, a barn. And a stream. I don't know, I can't really paint a word picture for you on this one. It was all outdoors, save for the large tent erected that covered the tables and dance floor and such. The overarching theme was eco-friendliness and such, even more apropos since the site was chosen not only for being beautiful, but also because it's a place where my sister maintains her own plot of organically-grown goodness. I will say, the day was hot as balls, and the ceremony proper was out in the open, so I think everybody got a little cooked. I did my best to keep the sweating under control. But it was a lovely time, everything went swimmingly, and the whole event was certainly befitting the couple. So, yeah. Two thumbs up. I will also point out, though, that were I Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson, this was in no way a wedding that I would crash. Not that there weren't a plethora of lovely ladies in attendance. Actually, there were. But every one was married, pregnant, or related to me. In one notable case, all three. Not that I'd go trolling for dates at my sister's wedding or anything. But still...I thought it made a decent observation.

So, yes. Time, she marches on. Also notable was that I got to see a whole lotta family that I haven't seen in a very long time. I mean, really the only people I see with any regularity any more are my sister and my mom. I hear tell of other people from time to time, but largely it doesn't figure much into my landscape that I have, you know, relatives. This is a normal state of being for me (and, I take it, for a lot of people), but it's totally whacked out to one entire branch of my family, which by culture and inclination live with much tighter family bonds than I do. So it was only natural for them to be reunited after ten or twenty years and just carry right on like I just saw everybody last week. It took a little adjustment for me to keep up with that kind of accelerated pace of socialization. It freaked my mom right out. So, yeah. Relatives. I have them. Could well be another ten or twenty years before I see any of them again, but I'm sure the experience will be quite similar. ;)

So the honeymoon proper wasn't to start for another several days, but the newlyweds ran off anyway to do whatever newlyweds do, and so I swung by the ol' Chateau after the party broke up to do a little petsitting for the night. The following week could then be summed up best as a video montage of me riding various buses and never quite knowing where I am.

Here's about how it broke down: I had left Philly at the crack of dawn on Sunday so I could meet up with my mom on Sunday afternoon for the rehearsal dinner and pre-show prep and all that stuff. For reasons of geography and trade routes and all that crap, going from Philly to rural New Jersey without a car means going by way of New York City, so the trip took a little doing. Once heading out to Jersey, I was pleased to find that the bus driver had absolutely no idea where anything is, so I got nice and lost on the way out, ended up finally abandoning the bus out in a combination library/park-and-ride like a town or two over from where I was supposed to be. My mom came and got me, basically because I still enjoy the transportation options of a 12-year-old. That settled, we had rehearsal dinner, I crashed in my mom's hotel room that night, and Monday we had the wedding and subsequent reception and party. I should say, too, that besides my weird relatives, I also met a few of my sister's awesome friends, who are, you know...awesome. (Also? Talked to a girl who I only knew from that Vegas trip, however long ago that was. Vegas! Life is crazy.) Monday night, petsitting at the Chateau.

So, yeah. Tuesday morning I had to go back to work, so it was straight from the Chateau to the office (NYC). Tuesday night, out of the office, back to Philly. Wednesday the normal Philly/NYC commute. Thursday morning, Philly back to NYC. Thursday night, NYC back to the Chateau in Jersey. (Got lost again, by the way, on this bus ride, as well. I think I even had the same driver.) Spent the night, and then Friday morning while working from (not my) home, saw the honeymooners off and then settled in for a week-plus of petsitting. If you want to know what that was like, the whole thing basically went like this:


Good times!

So that week I commuted into the City from the Chateau, which made for a nice change of pace. I found that NJT doesn't apply nearly the same rigorousness to bus schedules as Greyhound, so I missed many a bus trying to get to work in the mornings, let me tell you. And, the City, missing a bus or a train isn't that big a deal; there will be another one along soon enough. Out in the boonies, though, it's like an hour between buses. One day during this new adventure, in fact, I missed not one, but two buses trying to make my way to the City. Upon consulting the schedule, I found that my next chance wasn't until two hours later, so I basically just called the office and was like, "Yeah...I gotta work from home today." It also, in a tiny way, kinda blew my mind that even though I made so many commuting blunders, which at the time felt like incredible time-wasters, but working from home I still made it to the "office" on time. Commuting takes up a lot of time, everybody.

So that week went by. I watched lots of Friends. There was a whole lotta food left over from the rehearsal dinner and the wedding reception, so I basically lived that whole week on like hamburgers and macaroni salad. We managed to get through the whole time without the dog crapping in the house or anything, so that's good. I did manage to lose the cat at one point, but she was later found, so...all good?

Anyway. So I was due to leave on the following Saturday, actually before the happy couple returned home. It wasn't until I was actually en route back to Philly (by way of NYC, natch) that it occurred to me that...that wasn't such a hot idea. I mean, who knows if their travel schedule would be interrupted. I shoulda stayed until they got back. It ended up working out just fine, though, which was good for them, but I was still karmically punished by having the worst bus ride imaginable back to NYC. Through various constructions, obstructions, obstacles, and whatever-else-have-you, I ended up getting back to the City like an hour or 90 minutes late. So of course I had missed my connection back to Philly, and just the weariness of it all had worn me down, and I was honestly contemplating just trying to find an apartment right then and there so I could live in town. I'm sure I could send for my stuff eventually.

Basically I ended up splitting the difference and decided that, rather than get whatever later ticket back to Philly just to end up turning around and coming back to get to work on Monday, I'd prefer just staying in the City through the weekend, so remaining in my mini-vacation mindset from the week before, that's exactly what I did. And it was awesome. And since I had already been living out of my bag for a week and still going to work and everything, my lifestyle hadn't really changed that much once the weekend was over. I just went in to work on Monday morning. It wasn't until the end of day on Monday that I finally made my way back to the home base in Philly. Only two days later than expected. ;) So that was this past Monday. The week since then has been pretty normal, in that I haven't had time to do much of anything, since it was from that whole thing right back into the usual work-and-commute thing, which left me no time to do much of anything else.

So I am again. Taking the weekend to catch up on my chores and my Internet and, mostly, my sleep, because damn, I got way not enough sleep in the last week. Oh, I mentioned this slightly before about my bathroom being messed up. What happened was...apparently while I was away, the medicine cabinet in my bathroom fell off the wall. Yeah...I didn't know that kind of thing happened. But anyway, when I got back to Philly, it was to a nice little job cleaning up shards of mirror and, I dunno, spilled antacids or whatever, so that was a little stumbling block on my idyllic return home. Otherwise, though, things are as they are. Except I don't have a bathroom mirror any more, which is going to make shaving on Monday pretty adventurous. But that, friends, is something I don't have to worry about for another day or two. :)

And that, I believe, catches me up to the present. So I'm going to wrap this up, and go back to my Internet rounds. If all goes well, by the end of the night I will have cleared out the queue and be ready with a fresh, clean slate to start getting backlogged again. And, lo, life on the Internet goes on. :)

Peace out, everybody. Smell ya later!
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