Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Good times

I should have done this blog entry yesterday when I had some semblance of time for it, but since I didn't, I figure I gotta get it done now, or it will never happen. So...this will be the abridged version, but I wanted to make sure I commemorated that I had a great weekend this weekend. The gist of it is that fr33m4n was coming to town, so we had a good ol'-fashioned Guys' Night Out, except it was for the weekend. At various points, including a good, solid block that included all of us, we had, besides myself and fr33m4n, kawaiiryuko, gmonger, and our host, jeded1ah. It was a gathering in the finest traditions of the Old School, by which I mean we basically didn't do much of anything but hang out, eat, and play video games. kawaiiryuko came in late due to work load at the office, and fr33m4n busted out a little early due to dying from pet allergies, but the time we got in was pretty well-spent. Or wasted, depending on your point of view, but you won't hear any complaints from me when you and a bunch or your goof-off buddies can get together for a weekend of flippancy and then somehow end up in an endless argument about math.

One of the featured events for this gathering, even though it wasn't planned that way initially, was the AMC Theater's special 25th anniversary screening of Top Gun. Yeah, you know you're jealous. That was every bit as awesome as you think it was. That was pretty much the only thing that got us out of the house, though, at least after I showed up. Otherwise it was a lot of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Smash Bros. Brawl, and some varied Internet videos and TV. For me, anyway, there's nothing like some console gaming on modern systems to really drive home how much technology has advanced since I stopped keeping up with the latest stuff.

Anyway. Ordinarily I'd spend the time to try and chronicle the whole shebang, but I just don't have the resources, sadly. I got back home Sunday afternoon and spent much of the rest of the day scrambling to get my chores done for the week. That accomplished, I basically just pooped out and had to spend a little time decompressing on my own. Once that was done (if it ever was), it was basically bedtime, and then the work week starts, and then...well, then you get blog posts like this. :) In summary, though, it was Good Times. I haven't hung out with or even seen fr33m4n literally in like five or six years. This is a pretty far cry from back in the day, when we lived within a couple blocks of each other and hung out all the damn time. :) For all the differences that divided us, we've ended up living oddly similar lives, in some respects, anyway. I also think (again, in some respects) that we've ended up being oddly similar people, which I take as a good thing. In any case, reconnecting with him definitely gave me things to think about. Just like old times, I suppose. :)

Anyway. So that was that, and it was good. Life otherwise trundles onward, and I'm just kind of hanging on to the side at this point. I think things are going to be like this for a little while to come. There's not a whole lot of steering I can do at this point; I just have to hang in there and not get tossed off. The big project now is getting a handle on things, getting back on my feet, and trying to get a lot of loose ends under some kind of control. All projections indicate that this is going to take a while, so...I don't really know what happens in the meantime. Just...keep on swimming.

I'll check in with you hepcats another time, then. Take a little time in your day to fondly remember old friends. Hopefully it will put a smile on your face. Peace out, everybody!
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