Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

They don't make it easy

So remember how happy and self-congratulatory I was about getting my online poker cashout through before the Feds cracked down? Well, it turns out I may have counted my chickens before they hatched. It wasn't even that, actually, since my bank had already credited my account with the money -- it's more like my chickens hatched and then somehow worked their way back into the eggs afterward. This is all by way of saying that my cashout check came back to me bounced yesterday, which was an unpleasant sensation, mostly because I had already used that money to pay some bills. :/

In any case, a quick chat with the bank and some conversation with the online site later, the good news is that I know the money is not lost; it's just stuck in limbo. Basically the same limbo that every other U.S. player's money is stuck in at this point. It's unclear whether or not this payment trouble was actually related to the recent issue with the Feds, but at this point the question is purely academic; I won't be getting my money out any faster than anybody else, despite having technically beat the rush. ;) No complaints, really, beyond the usual amount when dealing with any inconvenience handed down by the nanny state. I will say, too, that the online site in question has proven astoundingly responsive and helpful, especially considering the deluge of problems they are undoubtedly suffering right now. Not that it matters much at this point, I guess, but the way they've handled themselves through all this has certainly won me over. If I ever get the chance again, surely they'll get my business once more. I guess either when the government topples or when I leave the country.

Anyway. The bottom line for me at this point is that this was a blow, but not a bad one. I'll basically just be strapped for cash for the next maybe week or so, but then again, I suppose that's nothing new. Payday is at the end of the month, so after that, barring any more weird surprises, hopefully I can start working on something resembling an actual, regular budget. And I mean "regular" in the sense of "predictable," not in the sense of "how normal people operate." It's still going to take a little while before that happens.

Speaking of payday, though, we're trying a new thing at work where I work from home on Fridays. This past Friday was the first time we tried it out; I think it went pretty well, all things considered. I find I actually work less efficiently at home, not because of the environment, but because I'm limited by my hardware. Y'all know me; I'm happiest basically getting things done with a text editor and a command prompt. But corporate work is what it is, and my setup at home is, what, maybe seven or eight years old at this point? It buckles under the demands of today's modern computing environment. ;) That said, I can make up for inefficiencies with extra time, which I find I really don't mind spending when I don't have to commute. I mean, hell, I slept in for two extra hours and still got to work an hour early, ya know? ;) So, I dunno...I guess we'll see how it goes. I'm wary of any change that makes it harder for me to be a good worker, but working from home is kind of a big win for me, so...I guess we'll give it a little while and see how things go.

I think that's about it; not a stand-out week. The weather today was nuts; like full-on summer, almost, and this is after yesterday being all cold and stormy. Today I had to break out shorts. Shorts! So did a lot of other people, by the way, and it was pretty funny walking around and taking in all the pale, pale legs. ;) I did most of my chores yesterday (since that whole issue with the check had me dragging ass out to the bank anyway, I figured I might as well get some other stuff done, too), but today I still had laundry to address. I didn't even try riding my bike; I know I'd be sweating like a horse. That was all in the morning, though; the majority of my day has been spent cooking. Well, more accurately, letting things cook on their own while I watch DVDs. ;) That's another thing...I find myself wanting to spend less and less time on the Internet. I feel that's largely a symptom of spending so much of my life chained to a computer now, instead of just hanging out in front of one. I didn't expect that to make such a difference, but...well, there ya go. I don't miss Facebook or Twitter at all, but I'm pretty aware that I'm basically losing touch with everyone. Well, it is what it is; I fucking hate Facebook, and that basically makes me a pariah. I'll live. What I love is how people spend so much time and energy on Facebook bitching about Facebook. ;) But, whatever. The main point is that my 'Net exposure has dropped to incredibly low levels; I'm trying to keep up with even just a barebones version of my usual reading list, but I find my interest flagging all the time.

I don't mean you guys, of course. I'm talking about just stuff I think is interesting and try to keep up with. Or used to, anyway. Nowadays I feel like I just stare at my reader, sigh, lose all hope, and just skip it all in the hopes of making it up next time. But honestly, once the weekend hits, I just don't feel like jacking in any more. I wonder how long that'll last.

Peace out, everybody.
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