Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

First day of school

Hey, kids, I'm back home after my first day at the office. First impressions are overall good, though that comes as no surprise, as I had much foreknowledge of the great boss, and a small amount of foreknowledge of the great team. I can only hope the impressions were good in the other direction, too, considering I basically broke every piece of electronics I came in contact with. :) My computer went Blue Screen Of Death twice in rapid succession quite early in the day, so between that and my network account not being activated yet made me quite popular with IT in like the first two hours of my day. ;) In addition, I somehow projected some kind of scrambling field when they were taking my picture for my ID badge. And even after the second try when the picture came out, it ended up...well, let's say a little dark. Lastly, myself and two other hapless bystanders got momentarily stranded in an immobile elevator. FSM only know what happened there, but I can only assume I was responsible for that, too. So, yeah, a slight bit more excitement than even the usual first day adjustments. ;) But otherwise things went well; the commute was actually pretty smooth (if freakin' long!), and I absorbed a lot of training and new info and stuff, so I'd say on balance things are looking pretty good. As long as I can somehow find a way to become compatible with modern electronics again.

In the idealize schedule I had worked out in my mind, I should be in bed already, but I've just got a few more things to take care of, and then I'll hit the sack. Just didn't want to let the first day go by without noting it here. I had meant to blog about the weekend, and in fact I guess I had composed the post, but only in my mind. I had network problems when I went to actually write it up, and then I forgot to get back to it later. So it goes. Basically the weekend was me jettisoning socializing in order to prep for my new life. Successfully, I believe, too, so I don't think the time was wasted.

In any case...there is much sleep to be had and much early rising to be done. Without a dramatic paradigm shift in the next few days, I think I probably won't be doing much catching up until the weekend. Stay hoopy, froods; I'll be back around this way soon enough. Peace!
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