Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

On the road

I was offline all day yesterday so I could embark on a mission to New York. Sadly details about that are not yet forthcoming, but hopefully I'll have more info to share soon. In any case, the commutes both up and back went surprisingly smoothly! So that was pretty excellent, but I will say that having podcasts along definitely helps. Good times.

Anyway, once I got business taken care of, I thought I'd stick around a little bit in the afternoon to see if I could catch up with Anna (unstuck_in_time), who I know works in the area and is working a late shift these days. To kill some time, I decided to see a movie. That's basically my go-to means of killing a couple hours when I'm in the City, but since I am not generally in touch with what's currently out, I just see whatever is scheduled conveniently. I ended up seeing Rango, which was surprisingly delightful! I quite enjoyed it. :) I'm still working off some movie coupons I have from back when I was working at the casino, so that means I can go out to a theater and not feel completely ripped off. ;) Also my favorite time to go is midweek in the early afternoon, because those places are pretty empty. Also good times. ;)

So. That done, I headed up to Anna's office area, but not before stopping off at a quick media landmark. Wanna guess where?

Here's a hint:
[ice skaters]

Successfully met up, and we did come catchup confabbing, and I bummed me a celebratory cigarette. That's right, a cigarette! No regrets. Anyway, eventually the chill started setting in, so we adjourned to a nearby pastry joint to continue talking. While that was going on, Anna's friend Rachel swung by, so she joined up with the hangout. And then, while that was going on, we see James (kawaiiryuko) and June walk by the same place! Anna ran out and snagged them, and the party grew. What was funny was...I had met up with James near his office building once before. I couldn't remember exactly where it was, but as I approached Anna's building, I started thinking, "Huh...this all looks very familiar." So I was going to give James a call once Anna went back to work. Turns out it was better we found him out on the street, since if I'd have waited, I would have missed him. Anyway, we hung out as a group for a while, and then eventually we all went our separate ways back home, except for Anna who went back to work. I went back to the bus station.

I didn't have a bus schedule or anything, but I figured if I waited long enough, a bus would eventually show up that would take me back to Philly. This strategy paid off, and before long, I was back on the road again. By the time I made it back, I was too wiped out to get back on the computer or really do much of anything except eat some hasty McDonald's, so...the blog entry would have to wait until this morning. So here we are.

I guess I have a lot of online catchup to do today, since I missed an entire day's worth yesterday. :) So we'll how that goes. It was really nice to catch up with Anna; FSM only knows how long its been since I've seen her. And hanging out in a time and place where real, honest-to-goodness friends of mine are just unexpectedly run into walking down the street...well that was a pretty nice feeling, too. For having been largely unplanned, that was a pretty nice trip into the City!

In any case, it's back to the 'Net today. Onward! Peace out, everybody. Smell ya later.
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