Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Off day

So I woke up around three this morning from some troubling dreamscape or other. I can't remember most of it, sadly...just that I got lost in a strange town and couldn't find my way back the my hotel. They keyring dongle attached to the key I had was covered only in tiny little ads and had no hotel name or address on it. Eventually, I remember, I did find my way back to the hotel, but then couldn't find the right room. Instead I was wandering the halls and being accosted by all sorts of weird characters...kind of Alice in Wonderland style, I guess.


So that happened. And I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep, so I tossed in bed a little while, then ended up...listening to podcasts, I guess? Anyway...I passed out again while doing that. Fell asleep right at my desk. Maybe, like...6 in the morning? Woke up again around like 9:30. Spent the day in kind of a daze so far. I know I made a trip to the grocery store at some point this morning. I know I didn't come back with anything, so...I guess that didn't go so well? Man, who knows.

Anyway. Upon realizing this day was going to be all weird, I decided I probably wasn't going to be showing much of a presence in the ol' infostream today. Maybe time to chill out and unplug for a while. But, apparently, that didn't go so well, either. ;) In any case...spending the day kind of half-in and half-out of both worlds (my personal one and the outward one), so don't really know where I am or what's going on. Still...nice that I got to this point without drugs! ;) Really want coffee, though,

ANYhoo. Yeah. Carry on, Internet. I'll prolly seeya tomorrow. Peace!
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