Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

And Donald Duck doesn't wear pants

So my selection on Facebook for today's nostalgia music was "Opposites Attract", which as you 80s nuts already know, features a young Paula Abdul dancing with a cartoon anthro-feline man, namely MC Skat Kat. The song itself describes the life and times of a romantic couple, and I am left with a feeling of implied cartoon bestiality. The feeling I got is actually not unlike that produced by viewings of the classic film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, which coincidentally came out around the same time, and which features love and marriage between the titular Roger Rabbit (a rabbit) and his nontitular but titillating wife, Jessica (a human).

That got me to thinking. In both of these instances of interspecies cartoon relations, there is a human female and a non-human male. I was trying to come up with further examples, and the only thing that came to mind was Howard the Duck (the movie, not the comics), which featured a similarly composed couple. So...I'd call that a pattern. Is there a thing here? Is it, like, too creepy for human males to want to get with nonhuman females? Too much of a pornography niche there?

So this is just a feeler to see if there's anything to this. I'm turning to you guys...what human/non-human romantic pairings can you think of from more or less mainstream media? Specifically, does anything come to mind involving a male human? Specifically I guess I'm looking for anthropomorphic interspecies stuff (not, like, "Well, T.C. fucked a chicken in Preacher"), just because that seems to be somehow more palatable in the mainstream. What I'm trying to get to is whether having a male human/female anthro relationship is somehow less acceptable (or maybe just less common) than the other way around. I honestly can't come up with any examples. I'm also all ears for any queer examples of any kind, but I figure it's rare enough to get that in mainstream even without involving nonhuman characters. ;)

There are a couple adjacencies coming to mind that I'd like to address.

One, I'm saying "nonhuman," but I'm meaning "anthropomorphic animal." Like the one thing that occurred to me was Ariel and Prince Eric, and you could make a case for female nonhuman wanting male human, but by the time a relationship was forming, her true nature was hidden from him. While we're in that world, though, we might as well add Beauty and the Beast to the list. I mean, damn. ;)

Two, another commonality for male human/female nonhuman seems to be alien life. So on the one hand, you've got your Kirk and Riker style almost-human setups, which seem fine. (Also I recall Riker and an androgyne.) On the other hand (or tentacle) there's the decidedly NOT almost-human, a la Tony Shalhoub in Galaxy Quest. Who could forget the look on that redshirt's face...

Dude, what the hell? Where am I? Okay, spinning back in from whatever tangent outpost I was just checked into...what do you guys think? Can you think of other pop culture human/anthro romantic pairings? Anything to this idea that it's somehow creepier with a human male involved? What examples, if any, do you guys have for me? Does Ariel count? Also...mostly the reason I'm turning to you all for this is because Googling "bestiality movies" is way not good times. ;)

Thanks for coming on this ride, everybody. Peace!

P.S. As a special treat for carbaunt, let me now throw Avenue Q into the hopper. Thumbs up for man-on-monster!
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