Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Good morning? I guess?

So I woke up this morning with a most unusual sensation: I felt like I had somewhere to go or something to do. Seriously, I sprang out of bedhole and literally jumped to my feet, ready to start my day. At that point, two things seeped into my consciousness. One, it was really cold and I was standing around in my underwear. Two...nope, still the same old me with the same old life. As the second part settled fully into my waking brain, I started to ponder the implications of that.

I wasn't...sad, really. I felt more of just a low-key disappointment, like maybe the ice cream store doesn't have your favorite flavor. Like, who cares; it's not like they're out of ice cream. :) I was more struck by how novel the feeling was. It's true that I basically do the same things day in and day out, but it's not like I'm so unhappy about that. It's not an arduous life. :) But still. Clearly a little variety never hurt anybody, you know?

So...the obvious solution is to actually go out and do something. My first reaction to that was, "I dunno, man...I might miss out on something happening online!" This is what the perpetually-connected culture does for me...makes me afraid to unplug. (It's not like I sat and pondered all this, by the way...this entire process took like three seconds.) So I thought maybe it would be good for me to take a day off from the Internet. That actually sounded pretty good for a little while, but then I thought, "What's that good for? Giving me even less to do?" ;) Besides, let's be honest...I cut myself off without any kind of plan of action...I'm probably just going to end up playing video games. :P

It's not like I don't have things I should do. I could do some laundry, say. Or my taxes. Or finally finish the goddamn repairs to my bike! Which would then let know...go for a bike ride. :) So it's not like I don't have other things at the periphery of my vision demanding attention. It's just that this is my default state, like I am right now: sitting at my desk in front of the computer. For the moment, I feel no qualms about this. I mean, I'm just sitting here eating my oatmeal and doing a little thinking out loud. But we all know where this leads. I check my e-mail. I do my social networking. I start chatting. I click on one thing, then another, then ten others, and before you know it, the day is over and I'm crawling to bed, vaguely wondering what I'm going to do tomorrow. As if I didn't already know.

So those are my thoughts over breakfast today, everybody. Peace!
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