Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

How is no one in jail for this again?

You may know the voice of Harry Shearer from his work on The Simpsons. You may know the face of Harry Shearer from his work in all those Christopher Guest movies. You may know the name of Harry Shearer because it's a cool name and I've been saying it a lot just now. You may or may not know that Harry Shearer also hosts a radio program called Le Show. This week's episode is pretty interesting, if you've got a free hour. It's an interview with Yves Smith of the blog Naked Capitalism, and it's basically an easy-to-follow recounting of things that went wrong regarding the financial crash. It's pretty much stuff I've heard before, but it's a strong, cohesive telling, and it somehow gave me a more solid feeling about the deeply ingrained, institutional nature of some of the problems we face. If you've got the time, I recommend giving it a listen.
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