Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Rate my new look

As I have discussed previously in this medium (and more recently in other media), I somehow got it in my head to try to bring back cowboy facial hair. This urge was strengthened a bit recently as I started to watch the HBO series Deadwood, which is chock full of exciting facial hair designs. Most of these follow along the same lines as the afore-referenced what I like to call "the Huckleberry," but there was also a slightly different take on it which is what I now call "the Sol," after John Hawkes' Sol Star, pictured below. It's basically a neater, more trimmed Huckleberry, but with chin whiskers added.

[John Hawkes as Sol Star]

I bring this up because I haven't shaved or cut my hair for many, many weeks now. I was telling myself that I'd get around to it when I finally got a job interview, but that shit hasn't happened so far, so... Anyway, today I decided that I was just too shaggy and disheveled, even for me, so it was time to tidy up. Plus Momz is probably visiting next week, so...might as well. Anyway, I figured it was a good opportunity to do a little facial topiary. Below is the result of today's madness, viewed through my lack of skill at self-portraiture.

[Flatvurm's Face]

I definitely went a little aggressive cutting back the chin-hair, there. Also...I hesitate to mention this, since after I say it you won't be able to unsee it, but just now I caught myself in the mirror and realized I've managed to decorate my face basically with an up-arrow pointing to my nose. :/ Anyway, so what's the verdict? Chin hair? No chin hair? Let it go with this stupid cowboy shit? I'm ready to hear your voices, everybody.

And you know that thing where if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all? This isn't one of those times. I already feel this is kinda stupid-looking. :) But I feel that about any change, basically, so...I want to know what you guys think.

All right, pardners, giddyap. Or whatever the hell cowboys say. Peace!
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