Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

The iron has cooled

So I know at some point I meant to write an entry to kind of put a button on the petsitting gig at my sister's place, but I never really got around to it, so of course now I don't really know what there is to say about it. I spent a lot less time online than I expected. Also, inexplicably, I watched a shitload of Friends. This all took place two weekends ago, so the end of it saw a pretty hefty snowstorm hit the area. As part of that deal, carbaunt and party were delayed at the airport and got home too late to do much hanging out. Between that delay and the snow on the ground, we decided I could stay and hang out an extra day, which was a great move. I helped shovel the place, rode shotgun on some shopping rounds, got my ass handed to me in Wii Bowling, had a nice dinner in at home, and watched Man on a Wire, which was pretty cool. I had a nice time holding down the fort, and a nice time hanging out. Nice little vacation!

I spent some time adjusting when I got back to Philly, and then I feel like I basically just spent the rest of the week either goofing off or playing catchup. Most of that catchup was podcasts, somehow. I have this thing...once something enters my infostream, it is really hard for me to voluntarily ignore or excise it. I'm weirdly obsessed with completion in a lot of ways -- like, it's really hard for me to just "let it go" that I missed an episode or an installment or whatever. So when I start falling behind, it's really easy to kind of spiral out of control as things start backing up while I try to clear the previous things that were backed up. ;) Aaaaaanyway. The point being that I guess I'm...more or less caught up at this point, so I guess things can start getting back to normal around here.

Whatever that is.

Anyway. So that's how I can apparently go so long without an update, and yet still have nothing to update about. Things continue. I'll keep ya posted.

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