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Boy, you spend one day off the Internet, and the world just keeps right on trucking without you, doesn't it. So by this time, I'm well and truly settled into Chateau Carbuncle and taking care of some old, familiar pet faces. I've got my sister's cat-and-dog tag team hanging off me, but we are sadly without the fish who recently passed on. In any case, the company is familiar, but the location is new. Looks like I'll be holding down the fort here through the weekend.

So. I met up with my sister last night in NYC, and we commuted back to the Chateau out in the mildly isolated wilds of New Jersey. It turned into a bit of a late night, with her taking care of some last-minute errands, and me showing her Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog. I eventually fell asleep some time before the end of Toy Story. I dunno, man...there's just always a movie going on around here.

This morning was actually saw a little hang-out time get thrown in before the principals took off on their trip. My sister and I got a nice diner breakfast taken care first in quite a while! Afterward we went shopping and I laid in some supplies for the weekend, since I'm making it my mission to stray from the house as little as possible. The craziest event today by far was returning to the parked car after a quick shopping jaunt through a clothing find that somehow a tube of cookie dough somehow randomly ended up wedged under one of the tires. The hell? Anyway...guess I'll be making some cookies. ;) I also, today, had my first experience of playing with a Nintendo Wii. I made a little avatar of myself and shot arrows and threw a frisbee. Also I got my ass schooled at bowling. So it goes.

* * *

Back when this petsetting stint was being planned, it was decided that I'd probably need an ethernet cable in order to have Internet access while I was up here. Well, I'm high-tech enough (and enough of my worldly goods are still packed away in boxes) that I couldn't find an appropriate patch cable in all my ridiculous collections of antiquated technology. After sufficient rummaging around in the basement, though, I found the following items (in three separate boxes, mind you): a spool of CAT5, a box of plugs, and a crimping tool. In a nutshell...instead of finding the cable I needed, I found the materials and tools necessary to build such a cable, just like in the old days. It felt kind of exciting to be hauling all that stuff around with me, even if to any highly suspicious and uninformed baggage inspectors, it looked like I was carrying around some kind of terrorist wiring kit. In any turned out my sister had some cables up here anyway, so we used those to get a connection at least up and running, but once things settled down, I ended up building a cable anyway, for added length and also because...well, what the hell, I brought all the stuff with me -- might as well make use of it. :) So anywway...yeah. Homemade Internet cables. Yay.

* * *

One unexpected reaction so far: I am not finding cable TV as satisfying as I had expected. Honestly a lot of this probably has to do with me doing so much 'Net catchup today, but somehow I just couldn't get into the boob tube groove. Believe me, I'm not that sad about that; it's just a little unexpected. We'll see how it goes in the next couple days, though...I'm sure I'll settle into it eventually. ;)

* * *

I had this dream last night that I was listening to Adam Carolla's podcast. Yeah, I know...wild and crazy, right? :) Anyway, it was like I was also watching it being recorded, because I could see everybody, but I don't know if I was watching it online or if I was somehow right there in the middle of the action. Anyway...weirdly, Carolla didn't really figure into the dream at all. The central idea was that new news girl Alison Rosen was announcing her engagement. In the dream, I think I knew the guy's name, but I can't remember it now. It was something really short and Sim or something like that. Anyway, all I can really recall at this point is that Bryan gave her a hard time by playing some Teresa Strasser drops. And also I remember my own mind coming up with the headline "Alison Rosen Breaks Hearts Across the Country, Announced Engagement," or something along those lines.

I dunno, man. Need some new hobbies or something.

* * *

Anyway. Not a lot else to report, except that I am amazingly sleepy for some reason. So I'm going to wrap this up, but not before sharing a link. Remember on Valentine's Day I talked a little bit about old loves? Well, Jonathan Carroll made a blog post yesterday on that very topic, and (naturally) he did a lot better job talking about it than I did, so I thought I'd point you in that direction. "Old loves. They enter your thoughts unexpectedly, like a flash of summer lightning at night..." Good stuff, man. Check it out.

* * *

So that's it for now, my cupcakes. I think I'm gonna get me some real sleep tonight. Hope y'all will do the same. Good night, and peace out.
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