Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Happy Valentine's Day -- Share the Love

Happy Valentine's Day, all my little lambs. As we know, it is my mission to take Valentine's Day out beyond its traditional lovey-dovey constraints and out into the great, untamed wildness of all human love. As we also know, I'm a guy who like to live in the past. For that reason, my own personal reflections today tend toward the magic of old love. For me, love is not something that dissipates so easily; once that hook catches in my heart...regardless of what comes later, I'm going to end up with a scar. I carry around with me a lot of old love, and I like it. It smolders like old coals. It keeps me just a little bit warm in the cold and dark. Everyone I've ever loved will always be a part of me, if only even just a small part, and there are times when I meditate on that and wind up feeling like thanking them for it. It seems all too common, to me, for love to end in acrimony and enmity. And, in fact, I recognize the necessity of that sometimes. But it's said that time can heal those wounds, and I believe that to be true. No matter what happened in the beginning, or middle, or end -- if I loved you once, I probably still do. So thank you, everyone, for being my loves, and for being a part of me. You always will!

I also realize, though, that old loves are a very personal thing, and that's not the main thing I wanted to bring up today. Today I wanted to address secret love, the love you keep buried inside because you're afraid of what might happen if you let it out. And I don't blame you. When I was young, someone said something to me that I'll always remember: to open yourself to love is to open yourself to hurt. I believe that's true, and I believe that that sentiment, even if not fully vocalized or understood, drives a lot of what people do. I also believe, though, that love is like art, that it needs to be expressed to be worth anything.

So. For today's project, I encourage you to let some of that secret love out into the light. And you don't even have to do it in a way that will matter to anyone except you. You can write a letter, and then you can burn it. You can whisper your secret into the wind. My personal suggestion...make an anonymous comment on this blog post. ;) [EDIT: I should be clear here, though I think some of you got it. I didn't mean messages for me on this post. I just meant messages in general. So...yeah. :) ] Whatever you do, however you do it, though, just do it. It has to come out, though; it has to pass through the barrier between you and the world. There is a...a membrane, a wall, a boundary between what goes on in your heart and what goes on in the world. Cross that line today. Open your heart a crack and let a little of your love out into the world. You may be surprised what you feel coming back in!

Lastly, I'm extending a special Valentine's Day offer of FREE HUGS! That's right, free hugs! The next time we're in hugging distance of each other, just perform the following coupon ritual to receive your free hug from yours truly: open your arms, smile, and speak the promo code: "GIMME A HUG!" and a free hug is yours for the taking. Offer good while supplies last.

And that's it for today, everybody. Enjoy a happy and loving Valentine's Day. If you've got a partner, partners, no one, it doesn't matter. You are all...all...somebody's something. Today is the day to not just know that, but feel it. Til Schweiger loves you, and so do I.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
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