Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Today's nostalgia music

Here's today's nostalgia music, everybody. More amazing than the song, though, is the online conversation that led to its rediscovery. This is a sign you spend too much time online with people.
<stavro> Guys what song is this: Bump bump-a-dump bump-a-dump-a-dump *HONK*
<stavro> This may not be the medium for this question.
<mzito> poison
<mzito> that girl is poisooon
<stavro> HOLY FUCK
<stavro> Dude, I think mzito got it.
<stavro> Lemme look that up.
<DoogieJR> we have always said mzito is a 'medium'
<stavro> Oh my god, dude.
<stavro> Not only is he right, but he's Bell Biv DeVoe right.

Enjoy, everybody.
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