Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Put it in your ear

So I was taking some time this weekend, as I do, to do some catching up on some podcasts. Which, by the way, is how I keep up with my NPR shows these days. In that vein, I'd like to take this opportunity to plug this latest episode of Radiolab. First off, in general, Radiolab is fun times because I feel like they really take a keen, modern approach to using audio as a medium. Which, I guess, is kind of the whole point. I's called "Radiolab," you know? that's fun. But beyond that, it's basically of those NPR shows.

This specific podcast episode, though, I found particularly interesting. It's titled "Lost & Found," which is just kind of a loose idea tying together three separate segments, but the show had a lot of cool stuff!

The first segment had to do with how people process spatial awareness and orientation. Very neat stuff...very much in support of the idea that we have very specialized brain functions and that something can go wrong with part of our brains and not (necessarily) affect the other parts. This is something I run into over and over in my very occasional forays into neurostuffs, and it's always fascinating.

Second, in actually a pretty closely-related segue, they examine some non-human ideas about orientation, specifically in a way that I think tribblewing in particular may find enjoyable. Then, also, they explore a different way of people being oriented which may at first seem non-human, but really it's just a major cultural difference. Unless, for some reason, you spent any particular amount of time in Eskridge, Kansas. As I have.

The third part is scientifically unrelated to the first two, but it's heartwarming and is about the triumph of the human spirit and all that, know. Do with that as you like. :)

Anyway, yeah...that's my podcast recommendation for the moment: the "Lost & Found" episode of Radiolab. Enjoy!
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