Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

The Garrulous Bombast Friday "Take Ten"

You know how it is: the weekend's almost here, your brain has already checked out, and no one wants to do any work anyway. Time for a ten-minute break!


Good morning, everybody. I thought today I'd just do a little video roundup and clear a few items out of the queue. If there's any kind of theme today, I guess it's something like "cute, but disturbing." Just like me! ;)

Let's start things off with the Kanye West "Monster" Muppet Remix. To me, this wasn't particularly awe-inspiring or anything right off the bat, but I felt it was worth it just to get to the Nicki Minaj part.

Our next video is much in the same vein of music video remixes, but this plays much more strongly to my interest in the juxtaposition of innocuous imagery with sexualized themes love for cartoon pornography. Don't worry, it's not dirty. It's just pop music. Enjoy Sexy, Naughty, Disney.

Lastly, there's not a lot I can say about it; you just have to watch Marcel the Shell with Shoes On for yourself. This has all the elements of being completely disturbing to me, and yet I'm totally entranced by it. I hope you are, too. :)

Aaaaand...that's today's installment. I hope everyone is safe and warm and looking forward to a nice weekend. Happy Friday, everybody!
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