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So remember a few days ago there was a car found floating down the river here in Philly? Well...looks like yesterday they fished another car out from that same area. What the hell is going on over there? This isn't out in the boonies, you know...this is a couple miles up from the Art Museum, a.k.a. those steps in Rocky. But anyway. I had a couple items lined up for my next post, like a road rage shooting (42-year-old guns down a 20-year-old after a fender bender) or a mass inter-prep-school knife a subway station (and I thought my high school was cutthroat -- too soon?), but honestly I just don't have the energy today.

The reason for that is actually that there was some godawful racket going on last night at our next-door neighbor's place. I honestly couldn't tell you the nature of the event, but I'd have to guess either a steel cage death match...with robots, or maybe a truly industrial-grade humping. (As an aside, if you have a minute, you should actually take a quick peek at that trailer. Randy Wang calls it "Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots: The Movie.") Anyway, whatever full-scale renovations were going on the net house over, the seismic disturbance was enough to shake our least enough to wake me up at four in the morning and make me think that the Shredder was tunneling up into our place from the Technodrome.

The disturbance itself, and the associated shouting, petered out after about, oh, I don't know, maybe thirty minutes, but I found myself unable to get back to sleep after that. After laying in bed awake for a while, for whatever bizarre reason, I thought it would be a fine idea to get up and dial me up some MST3K on Netflix streaming and zone out on that for a while. I ended up getting about halfway through The Blood Waters of Dr. Z and then passing out in my chair. I then woke up sometime in the middle of the morning, pretty much disoriented and also fearful of what had been beamed into my brain while I was unconscious. In any case, I've basically spent the day kind of sleepwalking my way around in a semiconscious haze, so...yeah. My day has been a little off. :)

Mainly I wanted to get a post out, though, because people are probably wondering about the job interview on Friday. As stated, I had been called in about a casino spot, and though not explicitly stated, it was of course for dealing poker. I had been told it would just be a kind of pre-screening interview, and that auditions and paperwork and stuff would come later, but I was (pleasantly) surprised to find when I got there that they would just audition me right then and there. Dig it. I had never been to that particular poker room before, so I took the opportunity to check the place out. Really nice room! Also, I recognized a couple of the dealers there as former coworkers of mine. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, though I was. Later, it turned out that one of the other dealers I was auditioning with was also someone I worked with in A.C. It's, know...a pretty small industry.

Anyhoo. To make a long story short, I passed the interview and the audition, and they're willing to hire me as a dealer. To make a short story long, this may not be the rollicking good news you'd expect.

So here's the deal. First off, there is an assload of paperwork and processing that has to go on before I even think about working, which was expected, since I'm in a brand new state with new rules and whatnot, so my previous credentials from New Jersey don't mean anything here. Which is fine; I expect nothing less from bloated, interfering bureaucracy. I can dig it. In practical terms, though, that means a month or two before any potential of work happens. Secondly, though, there is the issue of the commute.

This place is not actually in town; it's the next town over. Sometimes that means a lot and sometimes it doesn't. In this particular case, it's like a half-hour car drive. No biggie, right? On public transit, it's about two hours, which sucks. Moreover, new hires always start on an overnight or graveyard shift, and quite helpfully the bus doesn't run during those hours, because, you know...this is America, and if you don't have a car, fuck you.

Anyway. So I'm kind of taking this situation in, and well, there's one more x-factor. The things is, it's dealing, you know? Which means that you never really know what kind of money you're going to be making at any given time. So if you put together a commute that, no matter how you slice it, will either be grossly expensive in either money or time, and you add that to a job that I kinda don't really want and that holds no guarantee for actually paying me a living wage...I dunno. The opportunity isn't looking that grand.

On the other hand, it is an opportunity, and the thing about beggars not being able to be choosers is...well, yeah, that's basically it. :) It's one of those things, it really that dumb to try and hold out for something that's, oh, let's start with "in the same city as me," never mind "steady and/or not soul-destroying work"? So in a nutshell, I'm secretly pretty glad that there's so much time to be taken up with paperwork, because it means there's really no reason to stop looking for other work. I's already been forever; I can wait forever and a day, yeah? That might not be the best logic, but...what do you want. I'm honestly so sick of things that I just can't bring myself to care any more about how smart I'm being. Which is a vicious cycle, I guess, but...there you go.

Well...that was unnecessarily dark, huh. :) I'll work on that.

* * *

There should be a word (and there probably German) for that feeling of disappointment you get when someone you admire and respect comes down on the opposite side of an issue as you. Like finding out lampbane was okay with Pluto getting the cold shoulder. ;) Or like hearing all your friends hate Annalee Newitz. In any case, I got that feeling again when I found out that none other than John Scalzi threw his full support for this crazy single-spaces-after-a-period thing. Dude! I thought we were like this. Okay, I didn't really think that, but still.

In any case, much like the thing with Pluto (but actually...quite unlike that thing with Newitz -- yes, you guys ruined Annalee Newitz for me), I'm standing my ground and soldiering on. I will continue to use two spaces after a period. Know why? Because the vast majority of all the writing I do these days ends up in HTML, where it doesn't really matter if I use one space or two. The rest of the time, I live in a monospace font world, and that's where two spaces matter. And besides, much like my sometimes-reticence-sometimes-refusal in adopting new technology, I continue to believe that the old ways are best. And by old I actually mean, like...ten years ago.

Sidebar: It came to me (once again) recently that I've basically made myself totally obsolete by not moving with the times. See...for the last, oh, many years, whenever I got a new computer, the first thing I would do is set all the display settings to classic styles or whatever, which means that essentially for the last 15 years, I've been interfacing with my computer as if I'm running Windows 95. This issue doesn't come up a whole hell of a lot, frankly, because I seldom use any computer except my own. But a couple things happened recently that reminded me how out of step I am. One, I was trying to snag some new software, and in researching I was befuddled by the screenshots, wondering what the hell kind of interface I was dealing with here, until I finally realized that's probably what everyone's computers look like now. Two, I spent like ten minutes on metalepticfit's Mac the other day trying to print out a résumé, and about seven of those minutes were spent trying to figure out how the window manager worked. So, yeah. Me and modern operating systems is basically at this point like my mom and the DVD player. I vaguely know what's supposed to be going on, but really I'm just punching buttons until things start happening. Yeah...this is how I interface with the world now.

[As if to punctuate the point, I just almost lost this entire entry to the ether due to some quick keystroking and some unfortunately laggy program switching. I was only saved from having to retype this entire thing because the wonderful geniuses at Mozilla told Firefox that, yeah...I may just want to restore that tab I just closed. Thank you geniuses at Mozilla!]

* * *

One last quick one for the road. Probably one of the first priority marketing items when you manufacture a brand of candy bar called "Toxic Waste": make sure it's not actually toxic.

* * *

Peace out, everybody. I'm gonna post this before I accidentally delete it again. Smell ya later!
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