Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

A pause for station identification

To those who know me: You can safely ignore this post. Basically I just told a bunch of poker players about this blog...forgetting that this isn't really my poker-playing blog. On the upside, my poker-playing blog isn't really my poker-playing blog, either. But that's what happens.

To those who don't know me: Hi...I think I've inadvertently done a little misdirection here. To continue reading about the tragically unhip banalities of my life, by all means, continue onward. For historical reasons, however, gritty poker content has been broken out into the separate bobby_the_worm blog. To make things worse, though, there's not really a whole hell of a lot going on over there for the time being. Yeah...didn't really plan this out well.

To everyone: I apologize for what must seem like an entirely unnecessary and somewhat psychotic post. Been a rough day. :)

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