Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Pendulum swing

I had the thought that maybe I should start each post off with some wacky Philly news item. Nah...probably not. [EDIT: Well...guess I should have checked the news before I posted. this should totally have been the story. ;) ]

Anyway...a zillion-word post yesterday and I neglected to mention that my back is doing better. So, back is doing better. Just in time for the new snowstorm, I guess. :) In light of my recent wordiness explosion, I'm going to keep it brief tonight. In fact, there were really only two things I wanted to mention.

One, I wanted to point out my favorite news item from today, which is this: a man gets shot in the head, sneezes the bullet out, and lives to tell the tale. Superpowers!

Two, as evidence that my life may eventually have to move forward at some point, I got a call today setting me up for a job interview this Friday. It's for a dealer gig at a nearby casino. Shocking, I know. What, a job I'm actually qualified for? Amazing! So this is apparently just the first step, not even an audition yet, so...we'll see what happens. In any know...ever forward.

Peace out, party peoples.
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