Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Phase one-point-eight - I get it now

All right, kids. So I basically spent the entire day social networking. I get it now; I understand how people get all the time sucked out of them with this bullshit. I just now logged out of everything, and the action was accompanied by a squishy, sucking noise, like I was yanking the cable jack right out of my grey matter. My brain is Jell-o.

So. What happens now, I guess, is the attempt to absorb new information streams into my already dangerously burdened tiny attention span, and we'll see what happens. I have learned much from today -- mostly that I had been unconsciously keeping a certain idea of the world in my head in stasis while I was hermited away, and that idea in no way matches up with, you know, people's lives actually going on without me. What's funny is...the whole social networking thing was, in its way, some kind of attempt to fight the isolation and alienation I've been subjecting myself to, but it had the somewhat opposite effect of making me feel even further out of step than before by bringing reality into the picture.'s all good. I'm glad I had the experience, and hopefully I can use this as a starting point to get myself once again acclimated to the world. This is a conflicted time for me. I do not want to re-enter the world. It is not my desire. But it is a necessary thing. The time has come for me to do necessary things.

In any case, that's certainly enough for today. I'm shutting down, turning off, and preparing to reset overnight. One thing I've wanted to work on in my life is getting used to the idea of change happening slowly -- a little bit at a time. So I'm just taking today as-is without deconstructing it too much. I'll be back tomorrow, and we'll see how the world is then. Peace out, everybody!
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