Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

A bad back, and a look back

Guys, I have to tell you...I have spent the last few days in a surprising amount of pain. I mentioned in passing that I had picked up a phantom back injury. By that I meant that I appear to have hurt my back for reasons I don't fully understand. Much like the neck problem, it just sort of showed up randomly one day. Whatever the cause, for the last three or four days, my lower back has just been completely jacked up, and I'm once again reduced to hobbling and shuffling around, stooped over like an old man. I remember this happening once in A.C., and though I don't really recall the specifics of it, I assume that this time will be similar in that if I just hang in there long enough, it will go away. So I've spent the last several days trying to move around as little as possible. You'd think that kind of thing would be conducive to time on the computer, but I've found it's actually not, as I'm distracted enough by discomfort to not really be able to focus on anything. So...yeah. Not a lot going on. I'm fairly certain I'm on the mend...I figure maybe tomorrow or the next day I'll be back in working order. Shall see.

At any rate! I haven't spent the time on this that I guess I could have, but owing to the ticking over of the calendar, it looks like time for a look back at 2010.

I'm pretty sure I didn't make any formal resolutions for 2010, which is just as well because I'm pretty sure I would have failed them all. Let's face it: 2010 was a pretty poor year for me. At the beginning of the year, and for much of last winter, actually, I was still shuttling around between various houses (the SoJo Homestead, the Pet Palace, and Chateau Tallcake) until finally moving to my current setup in Philly with metalepticfit. This year has been marked mostly by being filled with desultory unemployment, interrupted in the middle by a few months of desultory employment where I spent my summer stacking things on top of one another in an electronics recycling warehouse. I spent most of the year involved in intense dental aggravation. First runner-up for memorable lowlight of the year is probably when the Cakemobile exploded, but for sure what I'll remember most is the break-in and burglary from around Halloween. As a sidebar, that event also precipitated my smoking relapse for a few weeks there. Bad times!

It hasn't all been gloom and doom, though, and I'm happy to report some small advances in life. I started cycling more seriously, including longer and more frequent rides just for pleasure (including my first metric century!) and also learning more about mechanics and maintenance. The practical impact of the break-in, losing (a) a PlayStation and (b) my bike, has been softened by (a) not missing the PlayStation and (b) getting and restoring a new bike (more about that in a later post, too). This year I got exposed to lots of new forms of entertainment over the Web. This has mostly been auditory, with me spending a lot of time with 'Net radio, podcasts, mashups, and novelty music like autotuned stuff and 8-bit music. This was also the year of Axe Cop -- not a lot more needs to be said about that. In short I've tapped into new ways to keep me entertained while not being productive, which in the scheme of things is probably not such a great idea, but for now it keeps me a little saner.

All in all, it's been a tough year. I don't think it's been especially extra-pointless or anything; it's just that it's been getting me down more. A few months back, I had felt like it was time for a stunning turnaround where I would attack life and eat it like a sandwich, but somehow that revolutionary spirit all kind of fizzled out, and nothing really came of it. These past few weeks, I've been letting myself basically fall into a lot of bad habits and sedentary living, telling myself that I'd turn it all around come the new year. Well, the new year is here, so I guess it's time to make good on that. Eventually.

I'll have an announcement or two probably tomorrow or the next day, so stay tuned for that. Otherwise, everybody enjoy the rest of your weekend, and here's to looking forward to a bright shiny new 2011. Happy new year, everybody! Peace!
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