Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

No good deed

So I got up this morning to do a little shoveling. It's also garbage day, so I figured I'd at least need to carve out a route to the curb to put the garbage out. I'm glad I thought to check things out first, though, because it turns out that the city is commandeering the garbage trucks to use them as snowplows, so there's no garbage collection today. That's cool; I can dig it. (As it were.) But I figure some shoveling wouldn't be such a bad idea anyway.

So I bundled up, hauled out the boots, stuck a podcast in my ear, and went to work. I did our front area and the alleyway next to us that we share with the neighbors I know, because while we don't use that alleyway, I know they do. And how so much frickin' snow built up in a tiny, and above all, covered alley, I'll never know. So I did that, and then I thought I'd be nice and catch the neighbor's front steps, too, because hey. And then I did the front steps next to them, because they're right there, and I'd feel like a jackass if I didn't. I was then turning around to do some shoveling down the other direction down the block when I saw a guy tromping across the street and start shoveling his way to my other neighbor's front steps.

It turns out there are people who come and shovel our block for us. Oh, well...back in the cave.
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