Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

This is winter living

I enjoy snowfall. More accurately, I enjoy seeing snowfall outside my window. I think it's really just environmental justification for my preferred mode of existence anyway, which is to be sitting in my cave, well-fed and wrapped up, largely motionless, motionlessly large, and just letting the world outside happen. When the blizzards come, that's what most people end up doing, so I don't feel so bad about it. ;)

Strangely, though, I also feel that the second best thing is to be right out in it, hiking and trudging through the muted world to some irrelevant destination. When I hike through the snow, my vision is tunneled through the opening of my hood, which barely matters anyway because not only do the falling flakes fill the world with static, but the accumulation blunts all the edges and corners, erases the colors, and turns all surroundings into formless, bland plush. All the sound around me is dampered, even discounting my covered ears, so the only things I hear are my periodic expulsions of lungfuls of frigid air and the satisfying crunch of the frosted world under each footfall.

I feel like the snowscape is the most alien scenery the weather can provide: truly otherworldly. Most of the people are driven indoors, and I'm left to wander this newfound world on my own, this faraway planet just outside my door. Isolation is satisfying to me again, once more a mark of peace instead of loneliness. There's nothing here to get in my way any more; it's just me and the madness. I love winter storms!

* * *

I had a pretty good Christmas yesterday, I just wanted to touch on that a bit. Had a small family gathering at my sister's new place, which will now acquire the blogonym "Chateau Carbuncle." It was just me, my mom, my sister, and my sister's fiancé. (And a couple dogs.) It was only slightly troubling that my sister and I somehow basically ended up wearing the same outfit. :/ In any case, we all had dinner Christmas Eve, watched some traditional Christmas movie fare, spent the night, and exchanged gifts in the morning. Things being what they are for my family, things were pretty low-key, but one standout was my sister making a donation in my name to the Neighborhood Bike Works, which of course has been an organization near and dear to my heart recently. Most other gifts centered around food, which is, you now, always good by me. ;) All in all, good clean family fun, but I'm also happy to take today off to recover.

* * *

Not a lot going on over on my end...just enjoying the weather. I hope everybody had a good Christmas and a satisfactory Boxing Day. Be safe in the snow, those of you part of this latest extravaganza, and keep warm, all you Northern Hemispherers. Get ready to close out the year, everybody. Peace!
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