Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Mashup madness

All right...originally all this mashup business was going to be saved for a later time, but I'm here now, I'm not doing anything, and I just came across something that made me super-happy, so...might as well post now, right?

Okay, let's set the wayback machine to about a month ago. I was flipping through old music files and came across a mashup that I've had in my possession for FSM-knows-how-long now -- at least long enough that it's been ported from computer to computer, I know that much. It's been my favorite mashup for quite some time, and it even ranks up there among my favorite things to listen to at all. :) It's called "Whoomp My Bitch Up" by Stark Effect. As you might guess, it's a combination of "Whoomp! (There It Is)" by Tag Team and "Smack My Bitch Up" by Prodigy. One of my favorite things in life is the combination of electronica and rap, so...there ya go. Anyway, after all those years, it finally occurred to me to look the source up online. This led me to the Stark Effect web site, which is truly a place of audio wonder. I basically plundered the whole "Bootlegs" section. My favorite remains "Whoomp My Bitch Up." Second place is a little tough, but I give it to "Gonna Make You Stupid" ("Stupidly Happy" by XTC and "Gonna Make You Sweat" by C&C Music Factory). The reason second was tough was because there's also "Without Smooth Hands" ("Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson, "Without Me" by Eminem , and "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See" by Busta Rhymes). I mean, damn, look at that track list. I really wanted to love that one, and I do still really like's just slightly more overlay than I want...maybe a little jumbled. Maybe more MJ. :) But anyway...lots of good stuff there. In addition to the pop mashups, I also recommend flipping through the "Mic in Track" section, which is songs based on found personal audio files. A bit less of things I'd just sit and listen to in rotation, but definitely worth it just to see what people accidentally let fly out of their computers. :) By the way...I was so awed by this collection (offered up for free, no less) that I was moved to do a rare (for me) fan e-mail and tossed a little something in the tip jar. That's good stuff, man.

Anyway. So the point is that my love for mashups was rekindled, and so that's been in the back of my mind for a little while. Fast forward to some time in the recent past...maybe within the last few days. Somehow, somewhere (and for the life of my I can't remember where) I heard just in an nebulous way someone playing "Final Countdown" by Europe. Even if that doesn't ring a bell on its own, you know the song if you were a fan of (a) 80s hair metal, or (b) the TV show Arrested Development. For those who chose (b)...remember Will Arnett's character, the brother who was the magician? That song is his stage act intro music. At any I was out and about and heard that song and thought, "Man, that would be nice for a mashup."

Fast forward again to today, when I'm sitting around bored and wandering around the Internet. Eventually I get around to perusing various mashups (which is how I got to that "Quality Cafe" thing in my previous post). In my travels, I came across another prolific and accomplished mashup source called Wax Audio. They have a pretty staggering amount of stuff available, so if you still have time after going through Stark Effect, I also recommend Wax Audio. To bring it all together, though, I have to say...when I got to "The Final Teen Spirit," I was just filled to the brim with warm joy.

Just lovely.

So I'm working on this theory that "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is like the most mashed-up song ever. Does that sound about right? [EDIT: I apparently just wandered into an evil neighborhood of YouTube that shows me that there are an unreasonable number of Linkin Park/Lady Gaga combinations.] Regardless, I'm always in the mood for mashups. Anybody out there got any favorites? I'm all ears.
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